Feedback 15 hours into the game

Hello, I am currently 15 hours into the game and have made quite some progress with my character being level 16. So I am here to discuss my current gripes with the game at the moment and some things that I believe could be improved.

-Performance. This is pretty self-explanatory, but please focus on this first out of everything! Hold off on multiplayer or anything else until this gets optimized, adding new content at the moment will most likely just make the game messier.

-NPC’s roaming dialogue really needs to be toned down a bit so you do not hear the same message multiple times over when exploring the city.

-Tool durability needs to be changed so it either has more of it, or it is completely removed all together. I am fine with armor and weapon durability since if you die a lot, you can always fast travel back. However, when exploring an area you typically aren’t near a waypoint so you aren’t able to gather resources effectively.

-Please add descriptions on gems so you know what you want in advance before buying them or choosing to keep them or not. Right now it can be frustrating having to remember what each one does.

-Look into fixing how grouped enemies function. Right now the only way to deal with them is to either face tank their damage (which is not a great option) or to kite them (which is also not a great option when using a heavier weapon).

-Add a gallery to view certain weapon types and what they scale with/require to use. I wanted to use certain weapons but was unable to, due to them requiring either faith or dexterity, which I did not specialize into due to my lack of knowledge.

-At the current time I am not able to complete challenges, the game will not allow me to turn in items to complete them.

-Make bigger chests in the beginning easier to get. The last thing anyone wants to do is inventory management, especially since you never know when you will need a certain item for either crafting or upgrading something in the future.

-Decrease the time it takes to finish buildings. I do not mind waiting to finish buildings, but having to wait 4 hours to get an upgraded axe so I can collect trees more efficiently to upgrade everything else is a huge time sink. Please just decrease the time a little.

-I will say that 1vs1 combat feels quite amazing and the difficulty is not too hard. I know a lot of other people feel like it is too brutal/spongy, but after upgrading your gear to the PROPER level it does not feel unfair.

-AI, I have noticed that the AI is extremely similar between enemies in different regions. I would love to see a more variety in attack patterns when reaching a new zone, but this is definitely more of a nitpick than anything. At the current moment it enemy variety is plenty enough

-Make jumping a tiny bit more telegraphed on where you will land, I have died multiple times to jumps that just felt off.

-Please make base building slightly easier. When trying to place objects it feels way too tedious to place it exactly where you want to. If there was a base building mode where you can delicately put items down it would be AMAZING.

-Maybe add some more weapon/armor recipes in the beginning. I was dying to get a halberd or sword recipe since I somehow didn’t get any of those to drop at the beginning. However, this isn’t necessary in the slightest.

Other than those remarks the game is absolutely amazing, the scenery is stunning, the combat is heavy and thoughtful, and the story line is compelling. Great work so far and I look forward to its future!


Making jumping a separate button you can use anywhere would fix this issue since we’d be in control of where we’d jump and and in what direction, and we’d get used to it way more quickly.

I feel like this is a pretty tall ask. Having a jump button everywhere adds a lot of issues and introduces a lot of bugs/areas that aren’t meant to be accessed normally. Additionally, the amount of times a player could get stuck, soft-locked, or crashes would exponentially increase. It would take a lot of effort to introduce a separate jumping system. However, this is just my speculation.

You say separate jumping system, but though I have not played the game too much because of this issue so I can’t say for sure, I feel like jumping is already very integrated into the game. From the bit I played, there are a lot of ledges you can jump off already.
So my feeling is that it wouldn’t be that hard to block off some areas that aren’t meant to be accessed. From what I’ve seen, people are already accessing areas out of order with the current system.
And for the amount of times it might get the player stuck, it might just save the player from being stuck as well :smiley:
But yeah, I have not played the game too much so mine are even more of speculations than yours. And who knows why Moon decided on this system in the first place, there might be a reason we don’t know.
I just really hope it’s something they can do because it kinda ruins the game for me :frowning: