Feedback after 11 hours of gameplay

The world that the developers have created is mesmerizing. Even though we have to return to areas multiple times, it’s so beautiful that I don’t mind it. The music and tone of the game is wonderful.
-Combat feels very impactful but is very difficult. I think the default character movement could be increased slightly.
-Crafting and gathering should include xp. Everything from mining to cutting down a tree should give the player experience, this will provide more of a sense of progression. Experience from killing an enemy should be increased.
-Durability on weapons and gear is an annoying mechanic and would love to see it removed.
-Would like to see a mini-map with red dots to identify enemy mobs to engage with. I’m currently trying to complete the daily quest to kill all the crabs in one of the beginning areas, and I can not find the last crab, I’ve been going back and forth for hours. It’s irritating.
-Is there an option, or will there be an option to respec my talent points?
-Would like a more convenient way to stash gear in the rookery, it’s so far out of the way.
I’ve played a lot of games, I’m almost 40 years old. I’ve never gone onto a forum like this and provided feedback. But this game feels special and I’m in love with it. I’ll be here for the journey.