18 hours in & my feedback

Things I like:
I liked how I can gather resources to make my own stuff.
I liked gear variety, customization & upgrade progression.
I liked the visuals, despite the lack of framerate stability.
I loved the boss fights.
Weapons feels nice to swing.
the atmosphere and the story is good.
the world design is very delicate, you should keep it up.

Things that I have no problem with:
I have no problem with the difficulty. (until endgame)
I have no problem with the item durability, even though people hated it.
I have no problem wiith economy, even though some people can’t even buy a house with 30 silver.

Things that I’m neutral:
bounties, they are quite boring to be honest, maybe turn bounties into random surprise world events might be a lot better.
challenges, they don’t really make the game more fun, but I could use some cash I guess.
inventory managements, it’s okay, but navigating around the town sometimes is a little tiresome.

Things that I hated:
Endgame difficulty, I unlocked the battle tower, aka SPOKEN AND UNSPOKEN. I’m currently level 17 and I consider myself a capable player, I got beat up so bad that I come here to write this feedback. All I can do now is try to kill any enemy possible to get those juicy exp, but the progress is very slow, because there are too many enemies. I kept dying.

Lack of clay, seriously, where’s all the clay? they stopped showing up for quite some time. I can’t upgrade town buildings without them.

Unable to rebind keys.

Some parkours are… annoying. I would advise against putting hard parkours on main storyline, some people just couldn’t be bothered.


15 hours of gameplay, level 11.
I agree the weapons really swing nicely, the enemies and the overall combat is good, and the game feels and looks very good (if you ignore the performance issue).
On the other side I think that some systems don’t really need to be the way they are:

  • Durability makes me go back to town to repair items, the update made it a lot better, but I don’t think the system has to even exist, it does not provide a nothing interisting to the game, it’s just an inconvenience.
  • Weapons (I still didn’t upgrade the town at all, so maybe there’s alredy something like that), not being able to remove gems or runes to customize the weapon, it’s basicaly a negative progression, in other to improve my build I have to create another weapon, and not recover what i already spent in my actual one, it also punishes me for experimenting.
  • Town upgrading takes time, just put my blacksmith to upgrade, and I have to wait, feels like some mobile game like clash of clans, the purpose of that in clash of clans is to make me spend money to skip the wait, here it just wastes my time, after I already have spent time on getting the sources.
  • Inventory (this is a big one for me), I don’t think it should have a limited inventory, I want to get an weapon but to do that I have to thrown away something, or collect wood but I already got a lot of mushrooms so I can’t get wood right now, it makes me go to town to sell and store stuff instead of just keep on exploring, for the consumables I don’t see a lot of problem in that since it makes me have to prepare a little before going on.

Being able to reset attribute points would also be nice, I started doing Dex but I really wanted a Claymore, and I already had spent points, so I created another character and realm, I rather just reset the points.

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