20 hr review likes & dislikes

Played for 20 hrs now, so I feel like I can give a comprehensive pros and cons.

What I like
-the whole visual style of everything, absolutely gorgeous
-the combat is challenging but I never felt like giving up. Always felt like I had what I needed to push through, like a good souls game.
-I put in most of my time as a dual wielder/knife & bow. Switching between weapon layouts was easy and fluid in the middle of fights and gave me great options for each scenario
-exploration is rewarding, especially after expanding the inventory
-seems like enemies scale with something - level perhaps? Keeps the challenge fresh, with the lack of enemy respawn balancing it out
-you all weren’t kidding when you said white color weapons weren’t junk. I upgraded my initial pair of daggers, inserted gems and runes and I feel like I get a lot of bang for my buck. Still running with them.

What Needs Work
-cancelling bounties/challenges erased them permanently. No good.
-everyone is griping about inventory; I’m okay with it being limited but something has got to give. It has to be easier to store it, use it, something. Right now inventory/resource management is tedious.
-some dungeons really do need a couple of more respawn checkpoints. Backtracking in some instances was a pain.
-I just didn’t feel like I could plan my character all that well. There are no tooltips/descriptions of runes, and I’m not sure how I was supposed to anticipate that higher level daggers would require massive stat investments in intelligence when I had been going hard on dex. We need some respec options.
-is there a house in sacrament that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg? I didn’t find one. 30 sliver feels like it will take a whole game to save, what with the money spent on upgrading gear and such.
-there has to be some way to restore health besides consumables. Like sleeping at the inn.
-even with the stairs in the Rookery it was tedious to consume ichor every time I got it. Don’t have the resources for the fancy elevator, I’m saving up for a house!

I love this game overall. I played it for like 8 hrs straight today. So I suppose all of these gripes aren’t deal breakers… yet. I’d love it even more and be in it for the long haul with some basic quality of life improvements.

Also had one crash when fast travelling, but otherwise runs perfectly on my PC!

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Agree with basically everything, game is amazing, some touches in the right place and it will become even better.

As for the HP regen, i managed to find a purple chest armor that gives me passive HP regen but limits my Focus by half, so i just wear it between combat or even during if i just want to wait a bit for my HP to regen… I am not sure if this was entirely RNG loot (i think it was however) but the fact remains that if you don’t have some items like that, then you will have to consume resources