Things to improve overall gameplay

  1. normal walk speed it too slow , even after all the speed boost on gear. please seperate sprint and jump or make running/ sprinting toggle instead holding the key all the time.

  2. items UI need some work. add marked feature or faverited , now its very easy to sell or dump the gear you want by mistake.

  3. real-time based game time is really horrible. the npc sells rare gear show up only in Saturday 8-10 am is insane. And the buildings actually take several hours to finish is a bad design. Bounty refreshing has the same isssue. At least add a timer to it. Now it just says refresh tomorrow . BUT WHEN??

  4. Itemazition needs some work . This may not be that urgent. But it would be nice to see some more work. Let players add/alter chosen affrixes in some way?

  5. Housing UI is not convient .takes some time to place furniture properly.

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