Feedback of the game

I’m really liking the game so far. One of the best games I have played.

Here are some points of improvements and feedback:

The animation to climb the vines is not entirely polished. Sometimes you hang the vine again as soon as you climb.

I think the difficulty is excellent. It’s complicated, but it’s compensated by the fact that the enemies don’t reappear. Also the mechanics that the team wears out every time you die seems good to me, because it’s hard to put up game currency, at least where I go in the game.

The jumps seem to me to have to be polished. It’s happened to me several times that the character doesn’t seem to come, and only with the tips of his feet he manages to get up and get up on the other side.

I like the complexity of the jumps. It makes every jump feel adrenaline. However, when we have to jump backwards, that is, in the direction of us players. It costs more than normal to calculate the jump. Maybe you can improve the animation, the view, or something else to give an indication of where you’re going to jump.

I found the mechanics of the Ionia mushroom incredible. Please let your imagination fly for more mechanics like this. Don’t worry so much about the logic of situations.

The graphics are amazing!! And they improved even more with the hotfix 3. Only with objects that are seen in the distance, these look a little pixelated and with saw teeth, even in the maximum quality. For example, in the cinematic where they teach Sacramenta the first time.
The animation for change of zone improved with the hotfix 3 but it’s still very rough for my taste. Maybe lengthen the character walk animation a little bit more, not freezing it, and a fade in or out to black can serve.

The level design and exploration is also amazing. This mixed with imagination, new objects and enemies can make the game quite long.

When it comes to improving weapons and armor, it would be good to show how much you’re going to improve just by putting the cursor on them.