The only feedback thread you need (CRITICAL + ALL)

First of all, I love the game. I also loved both Ori games so I had massive expectation for this game. And it did not disappoint. I think you have a masterpiece in your hands, if you can fix performance issues. I do have some constructive criticism on various aspect of the game.

Those first 3 points needs to be implemented asap. This should prevent most of the bad reviews you’re getting (outside of performance issues). Points 1 and 3 more specifically massively hinders the fun you can have with the game and should be absolutely prioritized.

  • if not possible to be made infinite, the inventory needs to be at least doubled, and for all inventory sections.
  • Item stacks needs to be 30 or 40 instead of 20.
  • Additional storage needs to be added in Sacrament from the get go.
    Ideally Infinite. If not infinite, it probably needs to be 5 times the character inventory at least. And this outside of the community chest.
  • Needs to be acquired a lot earlier. Possibly as soon as Sacrament is unlocked.
  • Respec needs to be implemented asap. For a low cost ideally. Maybe increased cost each time with a cap. But it needs to be an option early.

Once those 3 things are taken care of, ideally in the next week or so, you can focus on these other things.

  1. Inventory :
  • Option to mark as junk. This is in diablo and is super helpful to mark items that you know you don’t need to keep. It makes item management a lot faster.
  • Gems should show the possible upgrades they can do, directly from the inventory.
  • Option to swap the assigned button of the currently equipped abilities of a weapon. (or swap the abilities)
  • Add magic stone that can be used to destroy an item and at the same time imprint one of the affix of the item. Either the player choose the affix, or the affix is chosen randomly.
  1. Filters :
  • Time filter doesn’t work correctly when swapping gear. The time filter considers gear that was swapped as new when it should not. Every gear received should be given a time marker that the “time” filter would read correctly, even when swapping gear.
  • Needs new filter “highest value”
  • Filter needs to also work in the community chest. Right now it doesn’t.
  • Filters don’t seem to work in the materials tab. When you fix this, type filter should put togethers items of the same type. Like food should be with food, gems should be with gems ect.

Gameplay :

  • Option to show the focus actual number that you currently have. The focus usage of abilities is shown at the bottom left of the screen but this is useless if it can’t be compared to the actual total focus.
  • Instead of a yellow toolbox icon at the bottom right when you have gear that is damaged up to a certain point, it should be the icon of the tool/gear itself (axe, pickaxe, ect.)
  • Better tracking for drop down attack

Vendors :

  • When checking vendor stocks, there needs to be a field with how many of this item you already have potentially in your inventory and also in storage.
  • When infusing or enchanting, there needs to be a pop-up screen of the result of the enchantment and infusing, instead of having to close the vendor screen, open the inventory and search for the gear piece.
  • Option to de-infuse, breaking the gem, so you can have another shot at a better roll. Perhaps introduce later an option to upgrade the vendor to have a change to not break the gem.
  • Pressing “back button” once on a vendor should not close the vendor screen immediately, it should bring you back to the choice of options with that vendor first. Another “back button” press here should now close the dialogue. Or this should at least be an option in settings.

Rebuilding Sacrament :

  • Add each level of upgrades to the completed projects, even if there is more levels to that projects.
  • Crafting time should be sliced in half or removed entirely. This is not a mobile game. This will only make players leave their game idle for hours to advance those buildings. Time already needs to be set aside by players for grinding building resources. Please don’t put another time barrier arbitrarily.

Stats rework :
Stats feels better to level-up when every stat can positively change your build. Right now, if you’re using two-handed sword, there doesn’t seems to be any benefits to level-up intelligence. This is an example of a different way to rework the current stat system, on top of weapon scaling :

  • Vitality : Total health
  • Stamina : Total stamina
  • Strength : Equip weight, weapon damage
  • Dexterity : Attack speed, range, movement speed, Stamina regen
  • Intelligence : Spell damage, weapon elemental damage
  • Faith : Healing power, buff duration, spell resistance, Focus regen
  • Equip load : Equip load, additional inventory storage

Performance :

  • Could performance be better if Sacrament had a loading screen ? I understand that there’s at least one passage (to the west on the rampart) (maybe more) that would need to be tweaked to make this happen, but if this could help performance, maybe this needs to be done. Sacrament is such a big zone, where a lot of time is spent. If having it in it’s own loaded area could make performance better, I say go for it.

I like basically all of these suggestions.

The rebuilding part is something i said already in a different topic, and a user corrected me saying that there is a shared chest that at the moment is just for storing items, that allows user to share resources to rebuild the town. So I think their idea was always to make it more “community effort” via multiplayer that we don’t have for now into the game. That’s why i’m now curious to see how this mechanic will change with MP in the future.
That being said, amazing feedback!

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