Last Feedback Post before New Content

So I have 125 hours total played, 2 characters maxed out (Spartan Paladin build and Infinite Focus Spellcaster Build), 2 Realms with Sacrament Tier 3 completed as well as all story content, and have farmed the Cerim Crucible enough to earn gold I don’t have any use for but repairs at this point.

All that said, I would like to give some feedback post Patch 1 before I log off the game until new zones and story content are added. I feel at this point, I have become bored with what is currently available and I don’t want to burn myself out playing something just to test new characters/builds and report further bugs.

Here is what feedback I got:

  1. The vendors being able to access your chests is probably the biggest QoL this game received. Thank you very much.
  2. You should allow players to use an Ember to revive at the Echo Knight elevator if they happen to die. Make it 1 Ember per revive chance. I think that is a fair trade off: sacrificing all the loot on the other floors in order to skip straight to reviving at the entrance to the Echo Knight chamber.
  3. Increase drop rates for cloth and leather raw materials. I been finding it way more difficult to get cloth to upgrade cloth gear and leather to upgrade leather gear. Currently Cloth is rare to find and leather is uncommon. Compared to Plate where all you need is easily farmable ore materials, I feel like this is a lopsided upgrade system favoring plate wearers.
  4. There needs to be more Noble furniture for the housing system. At least a new bed, but I would like to see taxidermy recipes to drop and be used at Tailoring Bench. You kill a special boss, collect its head, and use it as a special crafting ingredient for taxidermy recipes to turn it into a piece of furniture that can be mounted on the walls of the houses. Perhaps a craftable Noble Standing Mirror that allows you to change your character’s appearance. Maybe a Bear throw rug for the house.
  5. Maybe add in the ability to hire a servant like a Maid or Butler. There are a couple of characters in Sacrament asking for that kind of work. They could do things like Cook food, tanning hide, weaving cloth, and smelt ore if there are raw materials in your chest to do so. You could set their tasks they should do while you are away in some menu. They could also do some light gathering of wood, ore, cloth, leather, and fish and give you random materials of these after some time has passed. They could also serve additional functionality as an intermediatory for the daily/weekly quest giver and armor repairer (as long as you have an anvil for mesh and plate or a tailoring station for cloth and leather gear). In exchange for their services to your house, you pay them like 10 silver a day or something.
  6. Allow players to respec their attribute points. The best way in my opinion would be to add a rare item into the game that you take to the old wizard in the Dragon Roost. He could then allow you to reallocate your stat points. Similar to how it works in Elden Ring with the Larval Tears. This would be the easiest and best way to implement respecs as you can adjust drop rates and allocate the item to only drop from certain enemies.

These just some suggestions after playing for so long. I know there are still some optimizations and bug fixes that still need to be addressed. Multiplayer still needs to be added and tested. However, I will be taking a break from the game until new content arrives. Hope this feedback helps.


I love that this feedback embraces what I think the game is supposed to be rather than changing it into something it’s not. I agree with all points. Great feedback!

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Great feedback man, those are all good ideas! Really hope the devs see and consider this.

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I really appreciated your feedback, especially points 4 and 5. Additionally, I think it would be nice if the potential “butler” had their own routine, including at least one day off from service. I know this mechanic might seem unnecessarily bothersome, but in my opinion, it would contribute to a greater sense of a living world and occasionally compel the player to engage in activities they wouldn’t normally have to do.

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