Functions that should be added; inventory management, parry, and crafting

so I think you guys really should add a function where you can manually organize your inventory and item wheel. like pick an item and move it to any square. that sort of thing. for people like me, who have ocd with object placement, it really messes with me that things are so disorganized.
also 2 other small suggestion.
please work on fixing the parry window/timing. its very hit and miss. sometimes i swear i get the timing perfect and still it misses. very frustrating.
and lastly, you should be able to use items in storage when crafting in sacrament. sacrament is the hub where we can craft all manner of things right? you should be able to use items in your storage. having to go back and forth between crafting table and my inventory is INCREDIBLY tedious and very annoying.
I LOVE THIS GAME, these suggestions, if implemented, would serve only to make me and others love it more, thank you.