Parry and inventory suggestions/feedback

Hello there congrats on a big launch🙂
So far I’ve spent 6 hours in the game and I am loving it but I have few things that are bothering me a bit and would like to provide some feed back

1.Currently parrying feels lackluster
I feel like the stagger window is too short
which in turn doesnt allow me to deal much dmg considering that by parrying I open my self up to a lot of dmg whenever I fail
Feel like we should be able to do more as a trade off

  1. When fighting in a heavy state I love the mechanic the fact that it gives us the opportunity to shoulder bash a target but the stamina cost leaves me with no stamina to attack the downed opponent I would really like it if we could Impale/hit a downed enemy

  2. Can we please have the items stored in our community chest show as available when crafting with merchants I really don’t like the idea of having to run back to my chest
    Feels really bad having to go back n forth

  3. Dont know if it’s a know issue but game drops a lot of frames in the sewers
    Im playing on a 3090ti and as soon as I ilenter the sewers the game drops and stays below 30fps at all times


I have the same concern with barge, I outlined it in my feedback on fat rolling. The investment to utilize barge is too high, often leaving you with enough stamina to attack one and then be out of stamina yourself, or uses all your stamina so you just watch while your stamina returns and the enemy stands upright.

There needs to be a change in heavy equip load for gaming in general, and not just for wicked; wicked does a lot of things right with heavy armor, but fat rolling is a major problem since avoiding any damage by mobility is always better than mitigating it. Fat rolling as a concept needs to be removed and replaced with a shorter side step with less I frames.