Parrying is too dfficult to time

First off I am enjoying my time with wicked, my only issue is with the parry timing window. I find that it is way too difficult to time a parry and more often than not missed parries lead to death. Not sure if its possible but a bit more lenience in the parry system would make the game that much more enjoyable. Keep up the good work on this excellent game!


I agree it’s maybe slightly too difficult to time, but maybe i just need to get good. I use block way more often than parry.

Feel like the performance is also a factor. If you lose some frames during an animation, you could just lose the timing. But given that the parrying is very rewarding, a wider window can make it overpowered.

I have done 4 characters and around 40 hours of play time. Some foes I can parry almost every time. Other times the timing just does not feel right at all.

I don’t know if it’s the timing, or if some NPCs have bad code for parry window, but it feels bad and something is wrong that needs to be fixed.

I also don’t know if you can parry attacks from foes without weapons. I have not been able to do it.


the attack animations in this game (maybe also with the performance) are not as smooth and easy to read as in souls games. everything is smaller and moves more hectic and uneven. so it’s definitely hard to read.

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I’m the complete opposite, I think the parrying in this gave is super forgiving compared to other games with a similar parry system

This makes me think that performance and frame rate may have a huge impact on parries, which makes sense since input can be lagged and skip a beat. I will keep doing some testing to figure this out.

I think it’s fine as it is. It might be a performance problem where user’s input is a beat late. But when it connects, everything ties together. It gives full bar of focus and it stagger most enemies (why the heck the rats aren’t staggered??). It’s a high risk high reward situation. Solve the performance issue and this will resolve itself, I think.

The same can’t be said about backstabbing, lol. I’m restarting a character and at lvl 13 currently, but with more than 20 stats point not allocated. My main stats are DEX and INT, both at 11. But I can almost 1 shot backstab any human enemies. It gradually felt unsatisfying.

parry uptime is too fast and not punishing enough for the enemy.

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