25 hours, still can't parry

Parrying feels like it was intended to be a risky but vital part of combat. I find it impossible for any moderately strong enemy. Maybe a 15% success rate? Attempting and missing a parry results in almost certain death from the stagger / stunlock. I appreciate the difficulty but this is not a usable mechanic for me currently. It’s a bummer because the combat feels very good in a lot of ways. I am not a pro gamer, please let me enjoy this wonderful game

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I don’t even use parry because I don’t feel comfortable pressing the middle mouse button. I would do parry on the right mouse button, and special attack with alt+left mouse button keys

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This is precisely how I have configured it. First I tried with left mouse button and I think the best place is right click

The game is made for the gamepad in the first place. It was in the warning before the launch. I bought an 8Bitdo SN30 Pro gamepad specially for myself and the game began to play much better.
But even so, there are still problems with parrying. I once parried twice in a row against two opponents at once.