Parry is just...... DIfficult

Maybe I just suck but Parry is really tricky to get right, perhaps I need to play some more but I find it difficult to find a trigger on the enemies attack for when to do it.


Idk man, doesn’t seem too difficult.
just look at how the enemies attack and time it right, it’s actually more forgiving than I thought it would be. Trust me, you’ll get the hang of it.



This is absolutely an issue for me as well. The middle mouse button? Terribly frustrating; as the mouse wheel is what gets used the most here.

I suggest a different key bind and a careful look at changing how the protagonist moves or faces. Parrying feels unnecessarily difficult for players at the moment, and needs more than just a rebind.


Parry is not difficult at all, if anything its really easy and fogiviable @Mequias playing games like this on a keyboard are always a nightamare, try it on controller, way better.
But again, im used to souls like, sekiro, rotr and so on, those games parry is WAYYY more strict


I do love how you tell us you are having problems and the first responses are basically, “No, get better”. An issue for one isn’t necessarily an issue for all. If you don’t agree, keep it to yourself. No one cares how good you are at other games.


That’s another issue being currently addressed in a different post: Many of us who live in third world countries, or otherwise, have no way of obtaining a controller. Especially for PC users.

There are no shops, vendors or otherwise in my country who offer controllers for PC.

Computer players may need movement and combat to be looked at and improved. I know I’d appreciate it.


Honestly, first thing I noticed was how nice the parry is in this game. Normally I never block/parry in any game (and just roll… because I suck), but I found the parry in Wicked to be pretty easy. Just gotta account for any current animations you are locked into, because that can obviously cause a huge delay in your parry.


I had the opposite feeling, usually in games like dark souls I avoid parry because its difficult and I’m terrible at it. In Wicked I can parry a lot easier and have probably parried 70% of the attempts I made.


It feels like inconsistent with enemy variety, same timing doesn’t work with everyone but it’s also might be depended on gear type, if so devs should better explain mechanics.

i dunno, parrying seems very forgivable and easy to do.


I feel dumb then. What am I missing? When should I be doing it? Like right when their sword is about to hit me? I guess I don’t know when to trigger it cause I haven’t landed one of them yet lol. I’ve never played a game with controls like this. Just WoW, Diablo and HOTS and it’s really not like any of those. I’ve managed a couple blocks though. The stamina thing really screws me here too. I’m fairly good at games usually but need to understand the controls and have my own keybinds which I can’t here.

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I’m playing at PC too and I have had to change my mouse keybindings with Logitech Software (you can use other app). Now I’m using:

  • Bottom left mouse button for parry
  • Top left mouse butttom for shield

Check the weapon you are using too. I could do it “well” at tutorial with the sword and shield but I changed to twin daggers and I failed a lot, it’s almost impossible for me to achieve a parry with the daggers.


think set to hi lite there moves some and that helps alot and once frame is cleaned up you have way better time with parry

I haven’t played with a mouse and keyboard but that doesn’t sound ideal. From my experience so far it seems like you have to initiate the parry about the same time as their attack. And that varies. So if you’re both lunging in, the parry meets in the middle if that makes sense. It offsets. I have no concrete data to support that but just my feels lol. It might even be affected by weight as well.

Git gut

But seriously parring on MMB sounds awfull. Moving your finger to MMB takies precius time. It might not seem like much, but it’s probably just enouch to make some players miss parry window. Makes me glad I’m playing with controller.

I play with a controller and parry seems so unreliable that I stopped using it completely. I finished most souls like games using parry as often as I could, including Sekiro, Lies of P, Bloodbourne etc. to the point where now I replay these games when I want to relax and play something easy.

In this game I can’t manage to figure out the parry properly, I get hit even by the easy enemies that telegraph the attack 2 seconds before. I can’t seem to have any problems with parry in any other souls like game, so I’m inclined to think there might be something wrong either with the parry mechanic itself or the window of the parry mechanic does not match the animation properly.


which weapons are you using? Just checking

I tried with sword and shield and it seem a bit more reliable, about 50% of the time. Then I tried with any other weapon and the success rate for me drops to around 30% of the time. 50% is still low in a game where every hit you take is really bad :slight_smile: 2h sword and 1h sword and no shield, staves and 2 daggers should be the masters of parry imo. Shield should be better at block and worse at parry I would say but seems completely the other way. Backing off and dodging is almost mandatry if you don’t use a shield.

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It seemed easier than Dark Souls to me. . but stamina makes everything in combat difficult. You can do like 2-3 actions before you just have to stand there and take it

I think the telegraphed animations could use some tweaking to make it “feel” good. Wind up is very slow, which is fine I guess, but so is the attack which usually makes me early in the parry window.

I will probably get used to it but feels off right now.

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