Some feedback for possible changes

I’m going to start with a suggestion that I may have tried a little before the change from spending stamina to parrying, it doesn’t make much sense now to risk taking a hit to counterattack when I can keep my distance, perhaps by using a successful parry to restore stamina. stamina that would be spent would be a welcome change. Another suggestion would be a highlight around the character in certain situations when there are particles blocking the view or even the scene. One more suggestion and one that I have read previously, the number of items that can be stored in the inventory is very low, something around 99 would be better, as well as a tab with all the items, instead of separating them into categories .
Now I will point out issues that I have noticed at the beginning of the game, as I progress further I will provide more feedback if I think these are positive points.

In this situation in the previous images, if we fall off the platform due to a slip or button response, there is no way to get back to a safe place, it would be cool if instead of the second image we could climb this small rock

This NPC has had a small problem talking to him where pressing the button just once doesn’t work, forcing the player to press it repeatedly about 5 times.

When descending from this ladder, the character performs a small jump, instead of just going down into the water.

In some situations, enemies just watch you because an invisible wall prevents them from crossing, which even prevents players from carrying out creative strategies against enemies.

Finally, sometimes we have a full inventory and I would like, for example, to just fill my life with an item that is on the floor, an option for that would be cool

the second screenshot - you can get up if you fall, right in that place on the left on the stone)

but it’s not very clear, you know what I mean?