My feedback so far

  1. If controller enters into sleep I have to exit the game and restart it to use controller again. it does not automatically detect the controller after the game has started.
  2. Grab and some hit mechanics have weird hitboxes: sometimes I get hit when I’m at least 1 body size away from the impact zone or I get grabbed when I’m clearly out of the grab annimation
  3. The parry action does not match the animation with some weapons, like 2h sword; the parry animation is quick but it lasts very short time compared to 1h weapon and shield; with 1h weapon and shield, the shield lingers a bit after the parry and the window for the parry is at least 3 times longer than other weapons. Usually for combat with 2h swords, staves and 1h weapons in each hand the main action is parry. Shields are not meant for parry, the main action is block for shields. If you try to parry or deflect with a shield, the stamina consumption should be higher and only possible with small shields.
  4. Inventory management is one of the worst I’ve ever experienced in an action RPG. The inventory gets full really fast and there is no way to tell what is important and what not (at least the materials/ingredients tabs). The funny part is that hey are all important, everything is needed at some point in order to build or upgrade something. In order to make space at first, you need to get to the rookery (or whatever it’s called) and put them in the chest, which wastes your time even more and you need to do this way too often.
    Edit: this is not even close to being the worst part. You get to buy a house and then buy … check notes … 20 - 30 chests with a capacity of 10 at first, 20 later and you have to place the item in it, items that when you go to the enchanter / smithy etc you have to go to first to your chests, look into all your 20-30 chests and see if you remember where you left the imtems that you need, or if you have any (10-15 minutes wasted), pick the items and walk 2 minutes to the enchanter and then reach the conclusion that you are so frustrated that you forgot how to count to 5 properly, and go back, search again for the missing item. Items should be global, if you have them you can use them to turn in quests or enchant, upgrade, cook, regardless in what chest you have them. There should also be only one chest with organizable tabs that you can search and filter. Maybe have the physical chests lying around the house but when I open one of them I want to see all of them as tabs in the interface.
  5. The tools for digging, fishing, cutting trees, mining etc should not disapear when they lose durability. just disable them so they no longet can be used and let me repair them as any other equipment piece that gets to 0 durability. It is annoying to have to carry extra tools and olso have limited inventory space or have to constantly open the inventory to check the tools durability and make sure I don’t start doing something on low tool durability. There is the icon for the tools durability but which one is low ? is it the one that I need to use now or some other tool. The repair rune does not help either, because I want to use my focus in combat, not waste it on rapairing stuff. Just don’t destroy them when they lose durability and I will fix them when I’m in town.
  6. The city is too spaced out, it is tedious to walk around to do basic stuff like access your chest and buy/sell stuff. The first time I reached the city I wasted about 25 minutes just running around the city to try to see it, and there is nothing in it. A few shops and 2-3 buildings that you can acees. It’s easy to get lost in it until you learn which street goes where and I just ran around like a headless chicken until I started figuring out the layout of the city.
  7. There are too many things that get in the way of the fun parts in the game, everything is just a chore that takes too much time for absolutely nothing and the city is made to be frustrating, just to force me to do even more frustrating chores (eg 12+ seconds of dig animation or 8+ seconds tree cutting animation etc) just to get 1 tree, repeat this about 20-30 times, so I can eventually fix one frustrating part from the city that are intentionally made frustrating. Wasting people’s time with frustrating chores just to fix other frustrating stuff that is clearly intentional is never the way to go imo.
  8. The game is good, has huge potential, the combat feels mostly nice, the world is amazing and most stuff is on point, but just adding frustrating timesinks to fix problems that you intentionally create is not ok. And the funny thing is that even if you spend enough time searching for materials to gather, you still don’t really have enough, you have to also go to the vendors and buy some more. Just try to dial down the artificial frustration created by bad desing decisions and let me enjoy the combat and exploration. Most people nowdays that try to do games “more dificult” don’t seem to understand the difference between dificulty and frustration. Don’t be them :slight_smile:

Edit: The game is about exploring, killing and gathering items, crafting and improving equipment and skills, but it does everything possible to forbid you to explore, fight, gather and improve your gear because your inventory is full every 30 minutes or so later in the game. And you do need all the loot that you gathered. That’s the whole point: explore, fight, loot, gather, build and upgrade repeat. You would think that making everything possible to have this loop should have been a priority but instead the priority seems to have been to prevent you as much as possible from engaging into the loop and has huge roadblocks at every turn. After 20h I can say that I hate the inventory systems so much that I hate miself for liking the rest of the game.

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