General Feedback

I played for around 4 hours yesterday and aside from the performance issues, that I know are being worked on, I had a good time with the game. I will update this post as I come across other things but for the moment, a few things stuck out in my mind:

Parry The parry (combined with the rune system) is too strong in my opinion. I don’t think it should fill your focus bar completely when you hit a perfect parry. To be fair, I have not put any leveling points into Focus to increase my bar so maybe if it were more than 100, I wouldn’t constantly have a full bar but in any case, I don’t think parrying should allow you to immediately use your powerful rune skills. I noticed this particularly when I fought the first “Torn” boss. I killed him in around 20-30 seconds by parrying and using rune skills. If that was your intent then you can disregard this paragraph but I feel like that should be balanced. Maybe half of a focus bar or I guess only 50 points since most of the skills I saw only cost 100 or less.

Gathering I simply don’t like holding the button to chop down a tree, or mine an ore point, or dig a hole. It’s not fun and, at least currently, you only get one of the resource anyway so please consider just making these actions a single button press before we can loot the resource.

Not Sure What To Call This One This may have only happened specifically to me but I purchased a recipe for like 30 copper or whatever but I don’t recall hearing a sound cue or seeing any sort of prompt after buying it so I purchased another one and then looked in my inventory. After seeing I had two, I knew I messed up. Would it be possible to have these items already flagged as unique or key items in the shop menus so you can’t buy more than one OR implement some sort of stock system so that you simply cannot buy more than one because the store owner only has that one copy to sell?

That’s all I have for now. Will update after playing more. Thank you for a decently fun game so far. :grinning:

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The Bow - I am 99% sure I must be doing something wrong but I cannot swap to the bow in my offhand. I’ve tried tapping left on the dpad, holding LB and pressing left, holding left, holding RB and pressing left or even pressing the other face buttons aside from A to see if something would change but nothing happens. If someone could let me know if this interaction just doesn’t work or what I’m doing wrong, that would be awesome. Thank you!