Feedback from over 25 hours of playtime

Quality of Life

  • Inventory needs to be improved. The only item type I can justify having limited stock is usable items so you’re forced to go back to the hub every once and a while and prepare. The other tabs like resources, gear, and misc stuff just seems like unnecessary tedium. Having unlimited of those doesn’t let me get too strong, it just adds tedium to the game.

  • Durability should be removed. It adds no value to the game and again is just extra tedium after dying. The game shouldn’t punish me for doing bad by making the game harder.

  • Respec. It feels like a major oversight to not have respec in the game. For a game that has heavy use of stat requirements it feels wrong to not have a respec system. It would let everyone do so much more in a playthrough instead of having to replay content they might not want to do again just to try a new build.

  • Cosmetic armor! This would just be awesome. I imagine you’d unlock it in one of the tailor upgrades and you could craft armor made specifically for cosmetic use or you could craft variations of normal sets that are only usable for cosmetic slots.

  • A boss gauntlet would be sweet. Darak and the Twins were awesome and as far as I’ve seen they don’t spawn in the world (though they could at higher scaling, I’m not sure) and I think it’d be a great test of player ability and it would let people re-experience their favorite parts of the game.


  • The general feel of the city is good but I think it could be improved. I think as we progress the city the people should speak about new changes and have an improved mood to give the sense of real change in the city.

  • Damos and build upgrades are amazing. I don’t like the length of some of the timers but it’s satisfying to see the town expand. My biggest hope for the future of this system is that we get more NPCs, more shortcuts, NPC upgrades that increase the city traversal, and that we get decorative upgrades.

  • Loading screens are a bit of a turn off for me. I understand it for things like dungeons that have multiple entrances that wouldn’t line up with the world super well although it would still be nice and help immersion, but in the city I really would like to see no loading screens. I think there’s just a few like houses, the rookery, and the war room, and it would make the city feel more whole.


  • I think the base stamina is a little low but that’s my only issue with it.

  • I’m not a fan of the parry. The timing feels fine but the way it functions feels wrong to me. The fact that you can stun bosses with a parry is frankly ridiculous. I think it’s good for smaller enemies but it makes some bosses like Warrick and the first Darak fight feel trivial when you can stun them nonstop with parries. I think on bosses it should be more like Sekiro where you can parry and build posture but they keep comboing. If there was that distinction between mobs and bosses it would be great, especially with the prospect of PVP I think it’d be good to keep the stun for normal mobs.

  • The current weapon types are good but I think they could be expanded a bit over the course of EA! I think there’s lots of potential in weapons like cannons, whips, crossbows, gauntlets, and more!

inventory: Yeah not sure this is an inventory management game… Though if they took that away they’d need to think up some other horizontal rewards.

Durability: Yeah, I made a post on one decrying this, tldr; just use some version of Salt and Sanctuary for death penalty

not sure about respec. If they did add one I think it should be non trivial to achieve and maybe only one time? A lot of the ‘re-playability’ of souls likes are the build runs.

one thing I would add to the NPC speaking would be a cool down on repeats.

weapons: I still can not figure out how a thing that is so obviously, visually and descriptively, an axe be classified as a hammer! Please don’t port over all From Soft’s weirdness :slight_smile:

Yo I don’t know how some people think parry is easy. I miss like 96% of the time I try to parry. To me it feels unfair how hard it is to time it. My friend tried the game yesterday and was able to parry only 1 time in 15 min of playtime. Using controller.

More weapon types would be cool. I would personally like to see a 1h Flail.

Totally agree about Sacrament, would love to see more substantial changes in the whole city as we upgrade it, hopefully this is the plan for the full release

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