Some feedback and suggestions

Hi, currently I’m after 28h of gameplay, I went through all the content (unless something is hidden), but will definitely create new characters to try new builds and get better sense of balancing. I love this game but there are few things that are bothering me.

I think item durability costs and values were nerfed too much, right now repairing items even after few deaths is so cheap, that it’s just easier and cheaper to die instead of using food to heal, and dying rewards you instead of being a punishment sometimes. Previously difficulty and consequences of dying encouraged player to use consumables etc. and after the nerfs I feel like economy just feels wrong.

Default walking speed is way too slow right now, you basically have to run all the time with button pressed.

Option to mark favourite items in inventory, which will prevent player from accidentally selling them. And to top that buyback option in vendors screen would be nice.

Negative perks of cursed equipment are not balanced properly, some feel WAY more punishing than others, also when you are at max level xp lose stats are not negative in any way, making purple items just superior.

After dying with cursed items equipped, show popup telling me how much gold/exp I’ve just lost.

Different stack sizes for common items, having 5 stacks of 20 mushrooms just wastes inventory and chests space as those are very common items, having different stack sizes for different rarity/weight items could help with inventory management.

Light respec system. I don’t like when games allow you to completely change build (e.g. going from full dex to full str etc.) as it makes any decision making not matter in any significant way.
I like how PoE did it, basically you can easily respec few points from skill tree, but if you want to completely change your build, the cost is so big, that you should reconsider making new character instead.

Backpack system, ring and weapons slots tied to same progression feels like bad idea. Having to choose between inventory space and more power shouldn’t be part of the same progression system.

Hitboxes seem to be not clear for some attacks, I like that with top-down camera i can clearly see how big are attacks, yet a lot of times I’m hitting enemies that my wepon didn’t connect to or vice versa I was hit by something I was sure I can just walk away instead of dodging.
What you see should be what you get, whether attacks are mine or my opponents.

Option that shows stats of both - inventory items and currently equipped ones so it’s easier to compare items without need to move between one and another

Currently you can’t interact in any way with empty slots in inventory, game should just ignore them when trying to select different items, it’s especially annoying when using resource stations like Furnace, when trying to retrieve items you just have to click to much to get your selection to them.

Slight flash/highlight of chest you are interacting with as it’s too easy to open up wrong box when few of them are next to each other.

I have a lot of chests in the house, having more model/color variations for item boxes would make it easier to segregate things and navigate between them.

Fast travel, I like how it is implemented right now, fast travel locations should be pretty rare and be in important places, I love how level design allows you to take multiple paths that change from time to time to get to location you want to, having too much fast travel spots will just make me go to few certain locations that are rich in enemies/materials etc. while skipping 90% of other places.

In-game wiki/guide of some sort, there is a lot of effects that are not clear, especially for people that might be new to this kind of games, where I can read about differces between elemental damages etc. currently it’s hard to tell what does what exaclty.

NPC dialogues are very repetitive, they shouldn’t trigger as often, those quotes are also very specific so it’s too easy to remember them and then they just become annoying as you hear them again and again.

This one is kind of nitpicky but I think lifts should kill or deal heavy damage to player and enemies standing under them, it’s cool when games have 3rd objects that player can interact with and use them in creative way.

Thats all as for now, I will definitely try to share some thoughts about balance etc. after playing for more time, great work with patches and communication guys, keep the great work!