Targeting in Combat (Disregard- user error)

The first couple days, I had no issues with targeting enemies without lock-on. (using a controller). It worked really well, and felt really good. My character would face the enemy if I was backing up. It would switch targets easily based on my input.

Now, I’m frequently whiffing and swinging at nothing, or doing my throw move in random directions rather than the one enemy I’m fighting

**Edit: I accidentally switched off auto-targeting. Don’t do that :slight_smile: **

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I didn’t try it before hotfixes or anything but I don’t think they changed them. Regardless I tried switching autotargeting off yesterday just to try it, and hoowhee it was whiff central. I imagine with certain weapons it’s not as bad; maybe you switched to a different weapon? Or maybe it is borked. It does feel pretty bad to have off. I wish there was an easier way to change target when it’s on.