Suggestion: More dynamic parrying through different parry types

Not again this discussion please :weary:

Maybe back to topic?

I like the general concept.
While doing that, I think it would also be a good idea to have the blocking and parrying on the same key, and not having to fully commit beforehand.

That would make that scheme assymetrical then.

Agreed, parry is fine, no need to make this a convoluted mess.

i don’t think these suggestions are “convoluted” at all.

like for example the souls games have a “partial parry” mechanic, where when you do not hit the perfect timing, you parry still, but take some damage.

i also feel that parry really lacks some sort of riposte or crit dmg when successful. compared to the backstab there should be some sort of crit chance after a perfect parry.

i really love parries in other games, but here, it just does not feel as satisfying, even tho we have a lot of parry perks for enchanted items.

it just misses that additional oompf, like a juicy sound, followed by a riposte, or some sort of special move you unlock when parrying like skillbind parries in monster hunter etc.

there are so many ways to making parries more satisfying, and i feel this post goes in the right direction.


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Parry here is diferent, just that, you parry, time slows down a little, you get a lot of focus and the riposte is a rune attack to the face. Some itens can give back a ton of health too, i had a shield that got me 40% health on parry, so it had a lot of perks.
I agree with msoltyspl, it makes it easier, you can perfect parry, fail or half parry, that broadens the window, how will you do the afixxes? Will they trigger when you half parry? Or only on a perfect parry?

I agree with you here.

I would like more depth to blocking though, but that is another topic. I also like the idea of not committing beforehand.

I agree with a lot here, and made the post because I share your sentiment.

There is a lot more room for parrying to become more meaningful and have more depth. Conditional affixes, ripostes, various visual effects after the parry. It just feels bland currently.

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well its easy. a partial parry in other games is still a parry, so an affixe would trigger, just that you take dmg and maybe gain a bit less focus or whatever (i leave balancing to the pros).

and i have a parry built here, so don’t get me wrong, i used it. but all in all it does not feel satisfying to me. the slowed time and short stagger is pretty much parry standard. that does not make it different at all. what makes it different, is that you do not get a reposte for melee builds. it is barely enough time to trigger a rune (depending on the rune u use).
that just does not feel as “juicy” as i would want it to feel.

hope you get what i mean.

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The riposte is called rune attack. That’s the reason you restore 100 focus (+gear modifieres). And it’s crazy op. If that is not satisfying then idk.

well you must see the difference between stabbing the enemy in the chest with a juicy riposte sound and animation, dealing crit melee dmg, and just simply doing a rune attack.

i can do rune attacks all the time/whenever. that does not make a fairly unique combat technique more satisfying.

right now a parry is just a stagger. so i could theoretically also go for heavy 2 hand and poise break, or just go for a mage built and spam rune attacks.

in my book it still lacks something that makes it feel like you just did something great. just to repeat myself again: in dark souls, bloodborne, monster hunter, even in highly random BG3 it feels amazing (just to name a few). that moment when you parry, a deep oof can be heard and you just tear apart the enemy feels much better, than just doing a rune on a staggered enemy.
thats just how i feel, and it seems i am not the only one :slight_smile:

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One of my frustrations is how parrying always yields the same result. Once you figured it out, that’s it. You just create a punishment window. I too want to feel rewarded for parrying, ripostes play a big role in that. It’s a common mechanic in these types of games that isn’t in currently. People who argue that it is in simply don’t understand what I riposte is. It is an automated counterattack. Not something you manually do after an attack.

If every parry would result in a riposte it could get boring and repetitive again. If there are various parry types with a tighter window, players won’t achieve consistent results. This adds a dynamic element to parrying, and feels more rewarding when getting the timing perfect.

A unique cool animation and sound effect for pulling this off would be rewarding for the player. Similarly, we can have other sound effects for the other parry types. Maybe different types of colored sparks flying of the weapons when parrying.

Elden Ring also has the crit talismans that synergize with parry builds. We could have really cool affixes that boost crit% or crit damage after a Good Parry. The Perfect Parry Riposte could be a guaranteed crit or something. This leads to more build diversity rewarding skilled players.

Maybe affixes then extend the parry windows to let players who aren’t that good at parrying have more access to parry builds. Maybe some older gentlemen struggles with parrying but would like to play a duelist with a parry build. Having extended windows and affixes tied to that can help those people. So those players too can experience fun parry gameplay.

Having a lower barrier to entry with a higher skill cap seems fine to me. I think too many people in some of the parry discussions see parrying as a competitive thing somehow. It is supposed to be a fun and engaging mechanic. Currently, it is lacking some of that engagement.


This. A significant part of the issues with parry currently.

The options you are suggesting are already on my list and will be included in the Polls. :pray: