Stuck can not rotate crane in quarry

I am uable to rotate the crane in the quarry to progress with the story. What am i suposed to do??

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Do you play with m+k or controller? Does the crane not move at all or you are unable to grab it?

A lot of people have this issue on reddit, this doesn’t seem uncommon.

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I play with the controller. It does move but not to the positin it is inteded to move to.

If you want to progress there’s a little cheese solution. Next to the crane, to the left, where there’s that big stone pillar, there’s a little wooden plank and a corpse on it. You can climb on the corpse, stand on it’s head, and spam the sprint/climb button to just climb on top of the pillar, and just skip that entire section. Might take you a few minutes but it works.

I had the same issue with the cranes I hope it’s fixed but until than. Over by the big gate on the right of the gate there is a piece of wood leaning on the wall you can climb that and traverse to the ledge above you can’t miss it. It’s like all souls games has this type of issue. Try that. I tried everything till I found that. Hope it helps.

Try with mouse and keyboard, and when it stops moving, push to a different direction - seem the movement is on a different axis after certain point - so if you were pushing with W for example when it stops moving, press A or D for example.

i had an issue where the crane would stop moving while turning it and changing the direction of the stick on the controller wouldnt allow it to move further, and all did was let go walk around the handle and push or pull from the other side of it and that allowed me to spin the full rotation needed at that spot… i dont know if thats the fix for it, or if theres an actual problem but maybee try that and see if it helps?

I’ve encountered the same issue, I’ve tried rotating the crane both ways and it still gets stuck, before I can put it in the spot necessary to progress. I’ve also tried restarting the game and re-entering the are after going back to Sacrament. I’m using a controller.

TY that worked properly bro

Try this. I recorded it earlier