Unable to Jump from Block to Gate In Quarry

Unfortunately I didn’t get a screen shot but there is a gate in the quarry which you should, I believe, be able to jump from a large block suspended by a crane to a platform to access the upper area and open the gate. When jumping to the platform the character passes through the platform instead of landing on it. Not progression breaking but irritating none the less.

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Is this the gate?

If so, I’m having the exact same problem. My character just phases through it. Confirmed with two friends that it’s also the case. I’m also unaware how else I am supposed to unlock the gate if not this way.

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DING! Thank you that is the EXACT place. Burned a ton of time trying to figure this out! @AlphabetHunter

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I don’t know if that jump was supposed to be impossible or not, but now that hotfix 4 is out, and they actually fixed the cranes on both new and old realms, I could just go from the other side using the crane to traverse.

Hmm… I will have to check that out. Thanks! Now back to earning a living.