Crane still stuck after patch 3

As topic mentioned, the crane in Nameless pass still cant rotate more than 180 even after the “fix” came out today.

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They mentioned in the comments to the hotfix that it appears to only fix new realms. and they’re still working on it However people have also mentioned there is a workaround if you can’t get past:

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From the release of the game to the update on April 23, this place was still like this, making it impossible to continue the game. Then I created a new world, and the result was still the same. I’m angry I missed the refund time. I can’t imagine why such a serious bug has not been resolved for so long.
I am angry. Want to curse.

When did you make the new realm? If you make a new one now it should work.

There is also a workaround with a video

Devs are currently figuring out how to fix it for existing realms

Yes still broken on my save, and I found a way to access to the checkpoint:

Oh didn’t see somebody found the same workaround haha :laughing:

The hotfix just came out today so your realm would have to have been created after the update is applied, regardless there’s still the workaround people posted. Hope that helps!

It is early access and this is why they do things like this, so when the actual game is out there are less of these problems.

Oh my God, it’s finally fixed now