STUCK: Stuck at Nameless Pass


Im Stuck at Nameless Pass i cant turn the crane enough to jump over.
I have looked some videos and there the can turn the crane more than i to jump over.

Have i missed something?

I cant turn the cran that direction which is showing in video (bug?):


Fix the cranes please so i can continue


Just a +1 for this got the same bug on same crane. Its not my main realm, rather a secondary for leveling new character (no respec hurts) and thought i was going crazy. Getting close in level/progress to main realm anyway so probably just gonna go over there to grind but very gamebreaking!


Same here, no problems on my first character but when i come with a reroll, get this cranes trouble. Seems like they have change place and the rotation not corresponding of the good spot. I guess last update break this. Plz fix it it’s stop game progression =(

ps : when i got at the same spot with the other character, the cranes are good


I managed to jump here and reach next platform, but next crane is also broken :smiley: so u can just open spot on the left (1)

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I have just encountered this bug. I know quite a bit about programming and game design, and it’s hard for me to understand how something like these cranes can load in with the wrong rotation… Very frustrating.

FIXED according to EA hotfix 3

EDIT: bug is still there… in my old realm at least

EDIT 2: bug is fixed for me in EA hotfix 4

Heres a quick and easy way to get past this section if its still bugged for you:


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