Crane wheel wont fully rotate



Happens every time i try to rotate the wheel to progress with the area. I have restarted the game and left the area and returned. No fix still.




same situation here, must’ve ran around for a few hours trying to get through the quarry area. looked up a playthough online and saw the cranes rorated 360 degrees, instead of the 180 in my game.


same here, hope they solve it asap since there is no way to progress at the moment :frowning: heard about creating a new realm so you keep your character but I don’t really want to start the story/quests from 0 again


Same here, hope we won’t have to make a new realm to progress.


I’m having the same problem. Can’t rotate crane in Nameless Pass quarry more than 180 degrees, so it won’t go to the side I need it on.


Here to report I’m having the same problem. Tried with controller, kbm, kbm with controller unplugged, relaunching the game, restarting computer, nothing works.

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I’m having the same Problem like Waddles in his Video. Can’t rotate The Crane !!

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Same problem. It’s as if the cranes spawned facing the wrong way and can only turn a certain number of degrees…

Same issue, I can’t get through the nameless pass.

Hopefully this gets fixed soon as this is game breaking, can’t progress.

Same here, no way to progress through Nameless pass

Same problem here. Crane won’t rotate all the way.

Yes same problem to :confused: hope to fix that soon, softlocks are not good we cant process now…

I don’t think that’s a bug. There’s a second crane to the left (offscreen) you use to get on the platform to the left of that crane you’re rotating. You angle that one you’re trying to rotate now about 10 o clock, so you can then hop on to that once you’ve gotten on that left platform.

This cran is also broken, I managed to get to this side, but this cran doesn’t turn completely in the right direction either…

It is definitely a bug because both cranes do not turn properly as they should…

Having same issue. Here’s link with video of issue. From what I can tell the peg is not on the correct side of the crane. My peg is 90 degrees opposite form what my friend showed on his screen. - DxDiag file - player.log - player-prev.log

@kuro you need fast to look into this is weekend and we cannot play…

This must be a new bug with the latest hotfix. Friends of mine were able to do it yesterday and they can still do it now

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Yap and the other one the other side is also broken :see_no_evil::rofl:

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