Failed to Start game from steam "access is denied." (0x5)

Steam pops up with error shown in the title.

Then I get a notification from windows security that, “your administrator caused Windows Security to block this action. contact your help desk.”
When I go to the log for the blocked action and view it I get the following:

I read online this is an issue steam can have for early access games, not sure what the fix is.

Since I can’t see the screenshots I’m guessing it’s been blocked by Windows as a “Trojan” as this has happened to me and many others after patch 2;

Try going to Virus & threat protection > Protection history > You’ll probably see Threat removed or restored so click on that, then Actions and finally Restore (double check the file is actually NoRestForTheWicked.exe)

Unfortunately not that error, will work on uploading the images in a different way

Have you looked though the other Risky action blocked notifications? The option to restore the file wasn’t in the top one for me

I did just check since you mentioned it, but they all say learn more.

It says:
App or process blocked: explorer.exe
Blocked by: Attack surface reduction
Rule: Block executable files from running unless they meet a prevalence, age, or trusted list criteria

I just noticed that half of the also show:
App or process blocked: steam.exe

Can you still load Steam and your Explorer?

I can, it looks like its only this game that is triggering the block. Other games launch with no issue.

Okay then go to the game folder on your PC and if NoRestForTheWicked.exe is still in the folder then you can probably just add it to the exclusion list

I have added the folder, no rest for the wicked, to the exclusion list. It still is failing to get pass windows security with same error code.

If you’re on Windows 11 is Smart App Control turned off? I’m a Windows 10 so I have to kinda guess what you’re seeing, and have you tried verifying the game files?

I’m on windows 10 as well, and I did try and verify integrity. I’m downloading on to another hard drive to see if maybe it clears the check from there.

It wouldn’t let me add just the Norestforthewicked.exe saying I lacked permission to access the game. Which is why I only added the folder. Hoping to try that again on the other drive assuming same issue persists. I appreciate your help, thank you kindly!

Still not working. Will wait for an update and see if it works then unfortunately may have to return the game.