Story over endgame!

Moon Studios have created one of the most interesting and painstakingly beautiful worlds of the last century. I absolutely adore this world and its art style, characters and story so far…

My concern is concentrating on the ENDGAME content will limit the amount of this incredible world we will get to experience. This is not saying what endgame content is there is in any way a bad experience. However If the option is limiting the amount of crucible content for more story content then I am all for it.

Please keep more story content coming!


The story is the main draw for me.

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Making stories is always quite heavy to ask. Even RDR2 or Elden Ring only pulled so much content on its story.

I would hope they paint the background of the world so well that, even if the story is ending, things are still happening around the world, and there’s just stuff to do for the player.
One of the ways to achieve this is to introduce more dynamic mechanics into the game, i.e. implement some sort of random event generator, though most likely you’ll need assets to make templates for it, but randomness to some extent equals replayability.

I agree. This has so much potential. I love the cutscenes, voice acting and expression’s on the character’s faces.

Good story content is rare in ARPG’s, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Whicked have a great foundation to create a fantastic story.

My guess is they are planning something epic.

I got a feeling that Sacra might just be the “starter island” where act 1 takes place - one can hope hehe

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