Crucible as endgame content and Living World left behind?

Got question about Crucible.
I read in some articel that there wil be Crucible, some kind of endgame content where we will have randomly generated rooms like in Hades and while this is a good idea it can bring this game more to Diablo-like in terms of running around randomly generated flat planes like Mahler said in some video presentation about those randomly generated enviroments.
Also as i write before i really like your concept of that Living World, will there be something endgame wise for this?
Personally i think this can evolve like Diablo 4 where they make really nice open world but at endgame most of the time players run those randomly generated dungeons in Wicked you can endup with something similiar where everyone after reaching endgame will endup experiencing this open world once on the road to endgame and then mostly do crucible randomly generated content. But we will see after EA release, hmm.

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Concern over the endgame gameplay-loop, when we have so little information on it, seems a bit silly. These Devs can be trusted to deliver, and if player-data shows a loop imbalance then there are many methods to dial it in.

What we know currently:

  • Replayability of endgame content is a core focus for the Devs.
  • Endgame is mainly comprised of the Alive System, Cerim Crucible, and Arena (Alive System & Cerim Crucible will be available on April 18th; Arena releases later down the line, likely with the multiplayer patch).
  • Cerim Crucibles require at least 1 resource in order to enter: Fallen Embers. FE can be found in chests, so the loop is at least balanced in that way; you need to engage with the Alive System to gather resources for entering the Crucible.

“Concern over the endgame gameplay-loop, when we have so little information on it, seems a bit silly.”
That’s why i’m asking like many others about other stuff related to this game and not presented on various pre early access gameplay videos.

I just wonder how much it is split gameplaywise at endgame between crucible and looking for the enter stone.
Are they plan that endgame entire our activity on open world will be only around finding that stone and the rest in crucible or it will be more varied?

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We don’t have those details yet. Ideally, there are many ways to gather FE, so players can engage in whichever option they find most fun.


The game will be a live service, meaning that updates will come all the way up until the 1.0 release and (hopefully) beyond.

I cannot see the early access end game activities being the only end game stuff for the games life. But as PennyToast said, we don’t have information on future end game mechanics. Devs have said that they’re willing to add, change and even remove mechanics dependant on player feedback.

Just have to keep an eye on the patch notes after April 18th and keep the feedback flowing so the developers know what you want. :slight_smile:

I would personally temper your expectations for early access. If you are the kind of person who expects these kinds of games to last indefinitely, you might be better off waiting until the full release. Even then, it will all come down to how much you like the core mechanics.

Men i just Ask the elements they are announced for april 18 release and honestly i know we all dont know the details so i just wanted to get some info from the devs which used not so long ago to share some info but nie seems like go full force to be ready for april 18.
Also i’m a are that this gam is not for Infinite ammount of time, there was one for me and i game for many years and played most of them.