What the game will be on release 1.0

The Crucible should be the end game content right? or at least part of the end game content. If that is the case, then some questions have popped in my mind and maybe someone can clarify them.

  1. At the moment crucible is doable only after a certain level because of how hard the mobs hit. I am sure that there will be people saying ‘no thats not true, i cleared it at level 10 etc.’ but for me that is not the case, if we assume that its end game content and that it should be done when you reach a level lets say 21+ then my question is: should we expect the game to be lets say a 3 act game where you do act 1 at 11, act 2 at 21 and act 3 at 30. Do you think that is reasonable thought? because i was hoping in more than 3 acts and that on the 1.0 release the max level would be higher.

  2. I really dont get the fact that in order to drop legendaries the only way is the crucible. Its true that by killing the bosses through chapter 1 you actually do drop some yellows, but think about this: you’ve played all the campaign, you’ve made your build and then you reach end game and you drop and awesome weapon that you cannot use because is outside of your spec range. Too bad start a new pg or spend all your money for a respec.

  3. atm my feeling is that the game is obviously challenging, but that also drops dont make a big difference. There is no dopamine flowing from the drops a) because yellows are very rare b) even if you drop them hardly they will fit your build. The only thing that i have seen is people making money to buy whites and enchant them looking for life on damage and another bunch of attributes that can actually help against hard fights. That might be the strategy, but i would also love to have some dopamine rush when i drop items and this doesn’t seem to be the case. When you play you never feel that you’ve dropped something that will make you a monster. The real monster is YOU, because potentially if your are a very good player you could be the game with bare hands.

These are my thoughts and would like some feedback from all you guys. Thank you

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  1. Maybe it was obvious to me and not everyone but Level 30 is obviously only the max level for Act 1 did that not occur you?

  2. Respec is coming, legendaries have worked like this in both soulslikes & ARPGs there’s nothing special going on here no player character can use every single weapon unless you are willing to grind for it. No game doesn’t adopt this philosophy.

  3. Enchanting weapons is standard for the genre. You get dopamine rushes in this game when a weapon drops you like/want knowing it has a good moveset or rune which you can then customize via infusions or enchantments to create the best version of it. Healing/focus isn’t the only viable build here.

Completing act 1 currently raises the level of monsters to 20 and allows for tier 3 items to drop (we barely see tier 3 ore/tree).
So act 2 will probably start at level 21 or so. 4-5 Acts are relatively common in Diablo style games. I imagine you will complete the full story around level 50.

The crucible will have different tiers/levels as well - when you first get there, it is said that each of the statues should lead to a different dungeon. There are seven (iirc) statues, with altars in front of them, in that room. I guess it might be every 10 levels so you can farm the next tier of items plus extra challenges at lvl 70+ (real endgame)
The crucible allows for “endless” (if you have embers) grinding without having to wait for the world to respawn. This is something a game with random loot needs for players who only play once a week or so or want to grind 24/7.

Some time ago, they showed off a bunch of weapons. Those went up to tier 6 with some of them having stat requirements you can only meet past lvl 60.