What to expect for "End Level" characters?

This is kind of one of those “asking for dessert before even finishing the appetizer” type questions, but I’m very curious what the plan is for end game in terms of our characters.

Would max level just be all of our stats maxed out to 99+ or would there be some kind of hard level cap that can’t be passed, meaning we had to be decisive about which stats we put points into and which ones we don’t?

If the latter, would that level cap increase with subsequent content releases/expansions? Are there any plans to add a feature that allows us to respec our stats?

I’m also curious as to what other people would like to see in this department.

The CEO responded recently that there will eventually add a respec but it will be costly:

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That’s actually cool to see! Even though its faint it kind of gives an idea of what to expect for character creation down the road