Endgame level scaling issue!

Okay so I REALLY hope this reached the eyes of the devs because this will likely be a game breaker for a lot of people. So the game first off…is fckn AMAZING! Almost perfect for me…Coming from a souls background since being young this game is just everything I love and adore so amazing work on that! I just finished the last boss at level 14 and as much as I enjoyed every second I didn’t really struggle at all with any of the bosses (I only died 1 time throughout all the boss fights) leading to me being a low level upon completion. Here’s the issue…the second After I killed the final boss ALL the enemies and loot suddenly scaled up to level 21…litterally EVERYTHING basically one shots me and gives close to 0 XP, all the weapons/gear is locked as I’m not level 21…I’m able to kill the enemies after swinging at them 50 times but it’s really not fun. Wanting to take the off time after the game has been completed to go level up our settlements and just…take in the world should be a fun experience, not feel like you’re now punished for beating the game with ease you know? I hope this gets changed ASAP because I bet for most players they will just drop the game there and then! P.S this game is totally unreal and I think it has the potential to become one of the GOATS…much love guys! :heart:


Totally agree with all of that , I was 16 levels when I killed the twins and right after that I go back into the world gets my ass beaten by an infested wolf , it makes me feel the boss is weaker than the trash mobs and it makes the fight so unrewarding feels so cheap. Also, after spending time to upgrade the weapons and see it wrecks the boss and erase quarter of the bosses health even more than that but not even scratch the said infested wolf feels so wrong…


Yeah…exact same boat here man! The endgame should feel like a point where things get harder of course…but not in the way it’s done here…it’s basically deleted the gear system as you can’t get any gear until you’re level 21…and that feels super underwhelming. I love a grind as the next person…but you shouldn’t HAVE to if you don’t want too.


yep, was 14 lvl when killed twins, and then everything forcing me to grind until 21 lvl


The giant level jump right after twins definitely doesn’t make much sense. I think that the world should level up as you progress through the game, to ensure that when you backtrack to earlier areas you’re not bored out of your mind, but going from level 12-15 straight to 21 is just unreasonable.

The problem, however, is the glaring lack of story and/or quest flags that could be used to increase world level - pretty much the only point in the game that it makes sense to boost area level is right after twins, but after that there’s nothing else that could be used to serve the same purpose. So instead of boosting the area levels just high enough to give you a challenge after twins, it gets boosted straight into endgame, because there’s no way to increase it after that.

I assume this problem will be largely solved as more content is added to the game, but its definitely still a problem now, and needs to be addressed somehow.


yeah I was level 18 I think when I beat the twins and the difficulty spike after that was pretty jarring

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I havnt made it that far yet and I suck im lvl 13 and am in the sewers lol. But does it help to craft and upgrade weapons if this is happening to you? I’ve noticed no one has commented on that yet.

I haven’t quite finished the game yet, but aren’t you supposed to use the Crucible to level up when you beat the final boss? Or is that what you all have been doing?

Yes! Glad this one is catching on- this is really important, enough that I’ve gotta set aside the game until they address this (having THOROUGHLY enjoyed my 25 hours with it thus far!)

You start getting Level 21 gear around Level 15-17, depending on when you kill the Twins. At that point, gear drops at Tier 3, and the enemies are scaled to match. I explored and quested a LOT, and this happened at LVL 16 for me. So you can’t use any of this armor until you hit 21.

I’m not actually worried about the enemy scaling personally, but I should be able to use the equipment that would help me fight on fair terms.

The Stat Requirements for the weapons are preposterously high. I just picked up a Tier 3 1H Falchion- it needs 26 Dex, and 26 Magic.

Even if I were level 21, that’s 32 total points invested into Dex and Magic, which is 11 levels worth of skill points, exclusive to everything else. You’ve still got Health, Stam, Equip Load, and Focus to worry about as well, and no latitude to invest in STR for any type of mixed build

But on top of this, there are four Stat Categories that are Weapon Requirements- STR, DEX, FTH, INT - and they’re randomly assigned! I have one Great Hammer that is FTH and STR, another that is STR and INT. So whatever you pick, you’re necessarily locking out every other set of weapons, from the moment you hit Tier 2.

As far as I can tell, there is no STR build. I invested in Strength, and I can’t use any T2 Weapons or Shields (well- one weapon). I definitely can’t use T3 Weapons.

The Stat and Level requirements are WAY too high, and the stats are weird.


At lvl 16, the crucible is a gruelling experience. I am dead in two hits and need to hit each enemy what feels like 20 times. It is almost certainly not the solution to this issue. If everything is tuned to lvl 21 then we need some serum which brings us up to lvl 21. Or they need to keep it scaled with player level.

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I agree with everyone discussing the levelling / scaling system. I believe this can be fixed through a world tier system that keeps casuals and hardcore players happy at their own pace.