Level scaling after unlocking the endgame

So far I’m 9 hours in the game, having a blast in general! Something that is pretty weird and not sure if intentional, but the level scaling after beating the
“last” boss of EA, all areas scale to level 21? Or atleast that’s the impression given what loot is dropping and how hard enemies started hitting. I cleared the final boss fairly easily at lvl 14, so now I’m kinda stuck with my current weapon unless I find a blueprint for a dexterity weapon :smiley: since all gear and drops are scaled to 21. Not a game ender problem for me personally since I can manage kiting a couple monsters at a time, but I can’t imagine the same for every player. Is this intentional or a bug?

made an account just to bump this thread.

exact same issue here, except i’m not gonna bother and grind 10k + xp on trash mobs that litterally one shot you and give 30 xp each.

i think there is a probleme here, and the devs need to fix it, the world is not supposed to become 10 lvls higher than you because you beat the final boss “early”.

a shame that what’s supposed to be the fun part of any rpg becomes a litteral punishment.