Get to Endgame Too Early

I’ve unlocked the gauntlet in the tomb, but I am only level 17 and the game thinks I should be level 21 - so I can’t use any items that drop, and enemies in all areas are now a bit over-tuned. Not being able to equip anything I pick up, even if I meet the stat requirements, is a huge bummer, especially since storage space is so limited :frowning:

I don’t feel like endgame is to early (especially considering the EA) BUT i think the whole lvling process takes a bit to long compared to how “fast” one can actually make progress there should be faster respawning enemies early on already to enable grinding a bit if one decides to do so currently it feels heavily railroaded unless you sre willing to wait 30-60min yes MINUTES for a areas to respawn enemies

It’s early access. There’s going to be a lot more questing and leveling in the full release. They’re just trying to give a taste of what the end game will be like.

I couldn’t agree more about the storage space.

Completely agree with you. Its is great that the put out a early access for that game because its quite unique in its genre mixture and can be hard to get a feel for it on the developers end for what works and what doesn’t but it also looks like they actively read/listen to what a majority wants so im quite confident that the full release will be a banger

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I think this is just a situation where the ‘endgame dungeon’ is supposed to occur after you have finished a lot of the main story content. It’s just they threw it in to show us what comes after the game ends.

So the main story isn’t done, but they gave us an endgame dungeon.

It’s just an early access thing.

This has been handled in a recent hotfix! Some level 21 gear still drops, but the vast majority of gear dropped while under level 21 but after completing the current story is now appropriately levels ^u^

this will change its EA they are adding more zones