Endgame dungeons? Trinity system?

Hello everyone, my first post here. I have one million questions about the game but I thought I should start with this one.

Will there be something similar to Diablo 4 dungeons for Wicked? On a similar note, since we know about the maximum 4 player co-op, will there be something similar to the trinity roles (tank, dps, support)?


I guess it might be somewhat similar to the “Holy Grail Dungeon” in “Bloodborne”. There is too little official information, so it is difficult to speculate.

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The official has given players greater freedom and weakened the concept of professions. However, in later dungeons, perhaps forming specific point-adding preferences can effectively reduce the difficulty of the game.


I have a small experience in group play in Diablo 3 (mostly) and much less in Diablo 4.

In short: the experience was a mess.

In parties with 4 people you could barely see what was happening on the screen/battlefield and it was a braindead slaughterfest of hordes.

I hope that the group experience in Wicked can be much more clear and precise, since they said they are creating a calculated combat instead of spamming abilities left and right.

That’s why I asked if we can expect something similar to the trinity of Tank, DPS and support. I really hope that is the case, I would love to join a group of friends or even pugs to clear a dungeon in that manner.

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