Is there any possibility of a "Dark and Darker" mode?

“Takov” + “Dungeon Exploration”, PVPVE, I think this mode has great potential and is very playable. Is it possible that this mode will appear in “Wicked” in the future?

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You’ll have to elaborate a bit more… I’m not sure I get what it is that you’re suggesting.

I think they’re talking about the idea of when exploring a dungeon you have other players in there with you, competing for loot, who can kill you and take what you’ve gathered. Like the Escape from Tarkov game.

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I don’t think it’s a terrible idea. Though it would definitely need to be a whole separate list of dungeons, outside of the currently planned cerim crucibles. That way people have a choice between regular PvE challenge dungeons or PvPvE “Tarkov” dungeons.


A very good idea I think this must be very fun

(I personally think this mode should be separated from “Wicked” and become an independent mode, or add end-game content. Because the “Takov” mode may conflict with the currency and transactions of “Wicked”, which is not easy to balance) Players Go into a dungeon with your gear (I think dungeons may need some degree of random terrain), and you’ll lose everything if you die. There will be a small number of other hostile players and more AI enemies matched in the dungeon. Some enemies wander in the dungeon, and some elite enemies guard treasure chests. Treasure chests have a higher probability of dropping weapons and equipment. These equipment can be evacuated, sold for money or traded with other players, or placed in your own warehouse. Some wooden boxes/barrels that can be found everywhere in the dungeon can drop some low-value items when broken (in the “Takov” mode, picking up “junk” is very important, which is the fun of many players) and players can also kill players. Other players plunder their equipment, take it out and put it in their own warehouses or sell it on the market. I think the loot drop mechanism of “Wicked” itself is very suitable for this “Takov” mode. Enemy drops and treasure chests are random. But in “Wicked”, players can upgrade, and weapons have corrections and different conditions of use. I haven’t figured out how to adapt to “Takov” mode. Weapon proficiency? But I don’t know enough about “Wicked” and I really want to knock myself out until I wake up and play it immediately on April 18th


I also think this needs a separate dungeon list, separate from story mode. I don’t like that in “Elden Ring”, you need to accept being invaded by players when you are online. Many times people just want to play PVE online with friends.

Souls invasion system can still slot in for a potential invasion system design though. Challenge-seeking players may want to opt for an invasion system when they go online. As I mentioned before, you can easily abuse the action economy with 3-4 players (pumping the AI values won’t help) and there must be a compensation mechanic to alleviate this approach. And invasions are the go-to cut out for this.

Let’s just say I think that’s a very fun idea! :rofl: :+1: