Content for Early Access

Hi there, I love the game so much I just run through everything in 1,5 days and ended up at the Crucible.

My suggestion to keep the game alive longer would be to add something more than just the Crucible for the players. Maybe even before the Multiplayer patch, to add some dungeons or Rifts or whatever the name will be, where player could get increased difficulty and rewards forever - or until the next content update.

I sincerely hope there will be at least 5 chapters when its done, the game is such a fresh breeze and so fun to play, I just dont want it to have an end ! :smiley:

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same. Really love the game.
wishing the content update releases before multi player update.

Yeah i think a small patch for the little content as of now would be to make the alive system faster (the undiscovered parts of the map turn darker faster) and reroll challenges and bounties hourly instead of daily (requiring a button push of course). That would keep people more engaged with stuff to do. probably requires more challenges and bounties, but that shouldn’t be too much of an effort…