Still some suggestions and feedback (lots of words!)(A large number of netizens actively discussed the results)(Post 2)

1.The abilities of the weapon and those runes need a specific description, you can only see the name of the skill but you don’t know what the effect of the skill is, it would be better if each weapon had a demo video.
2.Hope to come up with a remote production feature. It basically means that you don’t need to put the materials in the backpack, just put them in the box and you can make items. Although I myself do not need this function very much, but many netizens think that this function is very practical, do not have to take things from the box repeatedly.
3.The sorting function of the backpack is very useless, in addition to rarity sorting, other sorting is basically useless. I want to optimize this and I want to add the value ranking I mentioned in the first suggestion, every time I destroy an item, I need to look at the price one by one. There is also hope to give the box also a sorting function.
4.When buying recipes and drawings, it’s easy to buy the same drawings over and over again, because there’s no indication that you’ve already bought them.
5.Inhuman wall posting action!!! Many wall posting actions in various places are completely meaningless, especially when they happen right at our doorstep and can be accidentally triggered. It is advisable to cancel the wall posting action specifically at home entrances.
6.Task location prompts. Suitable for daily quests, weekly quests, and side quests. Although some tasks have a general guideline, the scope is large and unclear. You don’t need to give a specific location, but you want at least a general range (such as a circle).
7.Custom keys, although I know the official notice, but again emphasize the importance!! This is really important for keyboard and mouse players.