Some feed back and suggestion

This article was written with Google Translate and may be difficult to read.

  1. I wish there were no restrictions on moving between fast travel points.
    -Feeling tired from limited movement. People will take their own adventures when necessary. However, I don’t think you should be forced to take an adventure already taken.

  2. When acquiring loot while the inventory is full, the item cannot be discarded.

  3. the whole world is walking sideways
    -It is very important to think and explore yourself. But walking sideways is too severe. I wish it would only be activated in certain narrow places like cliffs.

  4. keyboard setting
    -A keyboard can have more buttons assigned to it than a pad. Differentiating between jumping and climbing, or replacing skill use with number keys. I didn’t put much thought into it, but it could be improved in a variety of ways. In its current state, it is too difficult to operate without a gamepad.

  5. Enhanced item particle effects.
    -Sometimes we pass by items without being able to distinguish them from the environment. It would be good to add an option to further enhance the particle effect or an option to distinguish the item from the environment using the item outline function.

  6. Added skill description at rune extraction stage
    -When extracting a rune, you must infer exactly what skill is attached to the weapon just by looking at the name. Because it costs a lot of money to check them one by one, an explanation of the skill is needed on the extraction screen.

  7. Sometimes monsters are not visible
    -It often happens that the monster simply becomes transparent rather than being obscured by terrain or objects.

7… translation issues
-When acquiring an item in Korean, the name of the acquired item is not displayed on the left side.
Item names, rewards, and quest abandonment or acceptance are not displayed properly in challenges or bounty quests.

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