QoL Suggestions

Here’s a list of a few things i’d love to see integrated to make the game a bit more friendly:

  1. Daily & Weekly Bounties and Challenges: Ability to scroll over rewards. Often times I do them incase its a new recipe or something. Not knowing that I’m spending my time for an already learned recipe would be great.

  2. Teleports: Why can’t we teleport? Is this intentional to encourage more playthrough? At first I was fine with it but now it seems quite a process. Should be unlocked at lvl 25 or something if you don’t want to just add the ability to teleport.

  3. Items: Ability to mark for discard and favorite

  4. Camera rotate: Even if it’s just a small tilt and not a full 360 rotate to be able to see certain sections better, especially ones of height where you need a little more info

  5. Color code weapon rarity on quick wheel. Yellow has yellow background, purple has purple background, blue has blue, gray is transparent.

  6. Press Y to retrieve all from crafting tables

The purpose of not being able to teleport is so you’ll pick up items on the way while you’re doing stuff. They don’t want the farming to have to be done intentionally without combat hence the current gameplay loop & them being adamantly against having free rein teleportation. You go to a place, get resources, fight, rinse & repeat

The first point might be that equipment and recipes are randomly assigned attributes or types when you complete tasks, so it’s not possible to provide a preview. Otherwise, I can’t think of any reason why they wouldn’t let us see them in advance.

Not providing a preview might be because they’re afraid you’ll skip the task if you see that the reward attributes or recipe aren’t what you want, ah.

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If the task is meaningless to our character though, why do it at all? What do they gain from me doing a meaningless task?

They can get 5-10 minutes of online time from you.

Haha, that’s just my guess and a joke. Maybe the dev team simply forgot about this feature. Such a simple function is a minor issue for the dev team, and if they notice it, I think they’ll fix it quickly.

There’s actually another important point about the quests: the progress should be displayed on the main screen to make it easier for players to track their completion status.

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Hahaha I get you, I appreciate the light comment :smiley: