Suggestions & QoL requests for the game

Hi, after 20+ hours I can say I am hooked. Thank you for this fun and challenging game. Here is a list of requests/suggestions I think could improve the game:


  • Respec Item to allow different builds
  • Expand size of Community Chest
  • Increase stack size of items
  • 2 separate tabs for crafting items and cooking ingreditents

Would be nice:

  • Weapon vendor sells common version of weapons discovered in realm
  • Disassemble weapons / armour into components


since it is not known whether the following ideas will be implemented in the game, I suggest:

  1. Make more variety of fist fighting, i.e. add the same brass knuckles, just grabbing the enemy (as in the type from behind, when he takes the enemy and smacks on the ground), which by the way can be taught by a character at the Arena).
  2. Since the character is slightly able to kick, that is, the idea is to make a different kind of shoes with some kind of retractable knife. You can also add hand-to-hand rune attacks, similar to the same grapples or combos
  3. There are not logical requirements in the game, there is a two-handed axe or halberd by type, and to take it in hand, faith 42 or intelligence 42 is required, but nothing is said about strength at all, I think it is not entirely logical, after all, a two-handed weapon of this type should weigh something, and obviously, force is required to use it, and at the moment it is not required at all for this type of weapon.
  4. I want more variety of daily and weekly tasks.
  5. If the player reaches the maximum level, then the side effect in the characteristics of the item, whether it is the loss of experience after death, ceases to matter, and this is a loophole, except if you make the experience decrease anyway, thereby lowering the level of the character and taking away some character characteristics points.