25 Changes and Potential Suggestions After 20 hours

Hi everyone, my name is Boba, it’s my first time posting here, but I’ve put 20 hours into the game and at least 12 of those have been spent watching the game, and I’ve spent many more discussing the game during this time span (big fan of what you’ve got here!). Here are some suggestions for changes and content down the line, some are familiar, some may be brand new.

Thanks for clicking and thank you for making a great game! I’ll be back with more suggestions in a day or so.

NRFTW Change log list

  1. Running towards climbable edges should make you climb, not jump
  2. Attacking off a ledge shouldn’t be possible, the game should stop you at the end of the ledge
  3. Different colors for lock-on cursor, hard to see in some lighting
  4. Should be able to equip a 1-handed weapon and a magic staff at the same time. This adds to build variety, we need to introduce wands or 1-handed staves.
  5. Pressing insight on the Status screen should show you information about all of the stats on the screen, not just Attribute points, we need to know stamina thresholds, and explanations of the calculations for some of these stats. It can just be a toggle because some people would like this info, especially hardcore ARPG players.
  6. Beastiary added (down the line)
  7. HP quickslot should prefer crafted heals to health ingredients like mushrooms and apples
  8. Allow items to be equipped to LB quickslot if no shield is being used
  9. Need option to just drop items without destroying
  10. Need a multi-select in inventory menu for selling and otherwise
  11. When talking to Danos, Fillmore, etc, items should pull automatically from storage without needing to be on person
  12. Randolph to only show ? when he has a quest reward to give, and ! when a new quest appears.
  13. Storage chest should appear when using campfires
  14. Buyback in shops
  15. Heal at Cerim whispers
  16. Durability leading to item buffs at positive durability thresholds
  17. Durability is meaningless as it stands, there needs to be some sort of change
  18. Fireball could leave the floor on fire to do mob DoT, just a little
  19. Boss echoes (repeat fights) as bounties
  20. Mob health could be decreased across the board and mob number could be increased to bring us more towards a middle ground of Diablo-styled ARPG and Souls-esque ARPG
  21. Need better tracking on player Focus skills, if enemies move right as you start it while locked on, the player character should turn, like the enemy character would, so as not to waste the Focus skill.
  22. Enemy projectiles go way too far, they can go a lot further than seems reasonable.
  23. Fireball may be too strong.
  24. Every weapon should be able to block, you shouldn’t be required to have a shield.
  25. When co-op is added, it should be seamless