Rest for the Wicked that reads this feedback :)

Absolutely love the game so far, it has immense potential and I hope my thoughts will give You some inspiration :s

IMMERSION: The game has incredible immersive quality but there are some minor things that could elevate it even more imo. First thing that comes to my mind is quest design. I would love if there were no quest markers on the map but rather the journal, dialog and map locations guiding the player through a quest. For example instead of having an exclamation mark on the quest’s exact location You could add location names on the map itself. That way we could have a questlog that says for example “There’s X around the Y” and the player would look on the map and head there (extremely simplified but I think You get the idea). It seems insignificant but it would really enrich the andventuring experience.

Other thing I’d hope to see is more story-based quest chains. Sideplots that spread over many hours and maybe even choices that change their course. You’ve proved that there are some very creative minds in Your studio so I believe You could come up with amazing ideas in that regard.

Last minor thing that buggs me is from what I’ve seen the bounty enemies spawn only after you take the bounty. It’s a big hit for believabilty of the world so unless it’s made that way because of some mechanic that I don’t notice right now I will insist that it’s a bad thing and changing it will only improve the game.

COMBAT: Firstly I found a massive issue with the enemy lock-on breaking very often, mostly after said enemy makes a fast movement. Maybe it works as intended but then I’ll have to strongly question the intentions. Overall the lock-on seems really wonky. Secondly dodge and rune attacks; 90% of the time I use them my character performs the attack in every possible direction except the one where a locked-on enemy is. It’s incredibly frustrating and I think I don’t have to explain why. Other than that the combat feels fantastic, the hit feedback is amazing, animations are god-tier and stamina system works really well. I’ve seen a lot of people say it depletes too fast at the moment but I’m not yet sure myself if maybe it’s just a skill issue.

UI: The least important suggestion but still sitting on my mind. I would love if it was more interesting and allined more with the game’s esthetic. Right now it looks really generic. I’m talking mainly about the menus and icons, the HUD looks kinda nice as it is. Overall I would look at Diablo’s interface for inspiration.

Much love, I wish You all at the Moon Studios the best <3