More feedback! (QOL)

Hi there!

I’m pretty happy with the direction the game is taking, for the good. It’s incredible how you -the devs- are taking our feedback into account to address most of them as quickly as you are. Pretty much of the ‘complaints’ I had the first day are gone now, and the experience is much more enjoyable and solid.

Still, I’m missing a few QOL improvements I’d like to see being implemented in the future:

  • Gear comparison: this is BASIC. I know we can see quickly what changes thanks to the green and red numbers, but it would be nice to have a button to actually compare two pieces and make a decision to what to wear according to its specific perks and such.

  • Fast travel between Whispers: it’s becoming more evident we need this. As I spend more and more time with the game, exploring zones and unlocking Whispers, the more I think we need to fast travel to each one of them, and not only to the city. Since quests and bounties makes us travel back and forth to known areas, it becomes somewhat tiresome having to walk all over again, even if the alive system provide us with new enemies, situations and loot chests, etc. This would ease the exploration of the same areas over and over again, which I think it can be tiresome and boring as time goes by. SUGGESTION: you could make it so it would be required to acquire an item or gather some material to be able to fast travel between them. Maybe some crafted item. You could even add it as a reward for challenge, bounty or quest completion, something that the player could be interested to invest time into.

  • Respec system! We need any form of respeccing stats because sometimes investing in strength, dexterity or other can result in a bad build we made around certain weapon, and there’s no way to fix that at the moment, resulting in a waste of points that we could use in a much more efficient way and really customize and refine our playstyle and gameplay experience.

Keep up the good work!