Small QoL Changes I'd Love to See

Been playing a good amount through Friday and Saturday and I have to say, it’s a game I’m liking the more I play. I feel I’m adapting to the game’s pace, it’s mechanics, and I’m finding it incredibly fun and excited to try out some different builds.

So far, there are 3 changes I would really love to see (or if it’s something already solved in some way, please let me know).

  1. When talking to NPCs with services, I wish I didn’t have to initiate a conversation when changing services. For example, I have to press Y to talk, then buy, then leave, press Y again, then enhance.

  2. Having the main city/hub grab resources from your community chest. It takes up quite some time just to go through your chest, find the right resources for upgrade materials, building plans, etc. It’s just a lot of running around the town when that time could be spent outside the city, exploring and fighting.

  3. I feel mining, chopping, and digging takes a little too long. This could be just the tier of tools that I have so if that’s the case, feel free to ignore me.

Otherwise, I’m really enjoying the game and I’m looking forward to playing it more! A few of these quality of life changes can really make the difference in the player experience and so far.

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I can add to that list:

  1. When the item drop under the feet of the NPC and you have full inventory, there is no way you can start conversation with them. You have to delete one item to pick the one under NPC’s feet to be able to do so.

  2. T2 blacksmith is way too close to the smelter and the boy, you need to go around and talk to the blacksmith from behind. T3 seems to be fine though.

  3. The items in the hotkeys doesn’t stay the way you set them up when you log back in.

  4. If you finish one stack of the food on your hotkeys, instead of changing to the same typ, the system is picking ingredients like mushrooms or apples.

  5. When you trying to change the bounty mission, it deletes it instead of just changing it.

  6. In challenges more convenient to drop them would be Y on the controller, instead of A, you can cancel them by mistake.

  7. It would be nice if you can compare the items in your inventory, so I can check attribute tiers on the go with the ones you already wear, instead of memorising them.

  8. Some of the weapon/armour ingredients are very rare. It would be nice if general goods shop will refresh every hour or every day.

  9. When you trying to get into house, most of the time you “Y sidle” at the door for the first time, instead of entering.