Ingame mechanics that could be improved

Hey there,

I’ve only played the game for 5 hours, but I found quite a few things that I think will improve the game plenty and make it more fun.

  1. Remove durability damage from any source other than combat

→ Seeing how many deaths are due to fall damage rather than combat, losing durability and having to go back to the city or use the repair poweder is anything but fun. There might even be an argument to remove durability alltogether, seeing it not being an engaging mechanic in any genre.

  1. Increase inventory and stash space

→ Currently it feels like I get punished for looting and exploring alot, without doing regular stops in the city to stash/refine/use my materials. Seeing how many hidden areas there are and how fun it is to explore and loot in general, it is very annoying that the time you spend out in the world is being limited by inventory space, rather than choosing to go back to upgrade your gear.

  1. Expand the fast travel system

→ I don’t quite understand why you chose to enable fast travel only for the main hub and the last whisper one visited. It can get annoying to actually run across the map because the last whisper was on the opposite site of where you need or want to go next.

  1. Make whispers more engaging

→ Adding to the fast travel problem. Whispers seem very forgettable since they purely exist for fast travel and setting a respawn point. Maybe it would be a good idea to use the bonfire system from dark souls as a reference to make them more engaging. Have people spend skill points at the whisper rather than any time they level up or make it possible to cook at whisper locations.

  1. Focus spells

→ Mabye it is just the claymore that I chose to play with, however I think it is rather unfun to use a spell, get canceled by an attack and lose your focus. I am not sure how other weapons play, but the claymore has very slow attacks and the spells are just as slow. Would be nice if the spell does not go off because one got canceled by an attack, that you don’t lose the focus.

That’s all I have for now. Overall I just feel like any game mechanics that inconvenience the players in any shape or form, outside of the souls like aspect, should not exist. I hope this feedback is helpful. Keep up the good work, you guys created a gem and I can’t wait to play more and see the final product in the future! :>

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