Summarized Suggestions (Information, Navigation, Inventory, Controls, Gameplay)

Navigation and Information

  • Make information more accessible

    • Implement a detailed glossary for content and mechanics, potentially as a collectible feature.
    • More and more detailed Tooltips
  • Make navigation smoother

    • Add fast travel options to any whispers from the map and overall increase fast travel points.
    • Remove unnecessary loading screens, especially when accessing vendors after upgrades.
    • Introduce more map markers and highlight main quest progression paths for clearer navigation.
    • Reduce the number of objectives for bounties and add objective indicators on the map to help with tracking.
    • Show the route taken on the map to reduce repetitive navigation.
  • Inventory and Controls

    • Make inventory management less tedious
      • Increase stack sizes
      • Introduce smarter storage and access solutions such as specialized containers, autosort, access from anywhere
      • Enable marking items as favourite or junk
      • Allow
    • Customize keybindings fully, including better support for mouse and keyboard.
    • Use the mouse wheel for adjusting item quantities
  • Gameplay

    • Consider streamlining or removing some survival elements (durability, food, gathering) to focus on more engaging gameplay aspects.
      • Decrease gathering times or introduce mechanics (like Quicktime Events) to make these activities more rewarding.
    • Make exploring less frustrating
      • Adjust fall damage even further
      • Consider adding a short reaction window before dropping / add a saving quicktime event
    • Make the Combat more accessible
      • Introduce customizable timers for parry/dodge windows
      • Balance enemy toughness, and ensure enemy moves are well telegraphed.
      • Slow down enemy reaction speeds (especially around steep drops)
    • Make the Playstile customization more viable and rewarding (its a huge selling point)
      • Change Boss ichor rewards to universally interesting Player Power Effects (Speed, Strength, Toughness, Stamina, Regen etc.) (Ring Slots are currently the only “power” enhancement)
      • Increase the drop rate and sources of rings.
      • More access to different weapon types.
      • More enticements to try out a new playstyle
        • Consider planting interesting legendary weapons as guaranteed boss drops or at specific places
      • Balance enchanting and runes/infusion (enchanting feels much stronger as it gives STATS)
      • Increase amount of runes per weapon
      • Consider making enchanted items a little bit more customizable, especially with runes
      • Allow runes to be replaced
      • Allow gear to be reset, to be modified anew
      • Improve rune abilities
      • Increase power or options to infuse
      • Respecs, Ideally gated behind challenging gameplay (bounties, bosses), to make them feel earned

this mechanics seem to only drag the game down :melting_face:

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