Feedback about the current state of the Game

I just want to give you my Feedback about the current state of the Game.

There are a lot of good things about this Game and I really wanted to like it and I have hope for the future of this game, but there are still so many things which needs to be changed to make this game into a fun experience like:

  • Perfomance Lag Spikes even running the Game on a RTX 4090
  • Remove the Durability for Weapons and Gear
  • More Stamina for the Hero
  • Weird Balancing, were you beeing soft locked so easily
  • Give us a better Save-Option, like free Save
  • Make is so you won’t lose any used items after you died and reloaded.
  • Bring back the display that shows what percentage of the map has already been completed (as in previous builds)
  • Make the Map more detail and clear so you know where you went and where do you still have to go (like missed areas and doors to open)
  • Show all open/finished quest on the map
  • Add a compass or minimap
  • Fall Damage is way too much, please remove it or make it less
  • Remapping of Keys/Buttons on Controller
  • Option to rotate the Camera
  • Fast Travel between all Restpoints
  • Make Resource gathering less grindy/time-consuming
  • Full Health Restore at Bonfire or Fast Travelpoints

This list will be expanded and updated.

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