A progressive Feedback List with QoL Improvements

Hello, below I preset my personal feedback list with addition to some QoL features that I feel would improve the game significantly.

I’m not gonna mention what’s already been recognized in Discord, such as performance/key rebinding, missing translations, etc.

1. Add DLSS a.s.a.p. (ok, I’ll mention only once about performance) I feel like this is what is missing from reaching satisfactory FPS for many of us.

2. Let me skip Into.

3. Let us have a tab for Runes & skill description. I feel this is heavily missing from having essentially additional data for what Runes & Skill do before we use them.

4. Slightly more visible surprise/stealth kill indicator.

5. More markers for the Map!

6. During our re-exploration of areas that were marked with fog, I’d love to have it distinquished from the areas I know I have visited vs areas I never been to. For example:

  • never visited areas: current fog of war,
  • visited areas but covered again in fog - fog of war with semi-transparent stripes.

7. More adidtional explanation of statistics in the Stat menu (not only Health,Strenght, etc).

8. During harvesting resourses, please, don’t make me hold the button. Let my character gather materials automatically upon pressing the button once (just like fishing).

9. Achievements, please? :slight_smile:

10. I’d love the Bow to be completely reworked, so that it does not function as an off-hand weapon, but main. However, to balance it out, it would require arrows that need to be crafted.

11. Please, for the love of souls-like games, don’t nerf it further! Hell, I’m even for some additional adjustements to redact the buffs that were introduced in hot fix 1.

12. Only keyboard setting. I feel like using mouse should be only for the menus.

13. Extremely personal idea about item durability. Instead of breaking, let the items lose “power” instead of “durability”, so that we can still use them, but with less effectiveness.

That’s it for now. I’ll update when I find more things.


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So I think some of these are stated on the roadmap - DLSS and optimization of course- achievements will no doubt be added…

I do agree with your thoughts around ‘game nerf-’ I hope they won’t make it much easier- the stamina was fine as it was.

I also like the durability idea- past 30% durability loss, and you lose power. This will be EXTREMELY unpopular with many, I suspect, and viewed as a further punishment to people who struggle with the gameplay.

I also agree about Runes- I would like clarity on their cost, and what they do- which is hard to find if its anywhere.

Haven’t tried the bows, but it does seem odd that it’s off-hand and focus based.