Many suggestions

Quality of life

  • The game starts so slowly. It takes almost 1 minute to boost up.
  • We should be able to fast travel to any discovered whispers.
  • Fast travel can be done form the map, don’t have to run to touch a whisper.
  • When we die, we should respawn at the nearest discovered whisper.
  • When we harvest, the materials should go to the inventory slot automatically. Why do we have to perform 2 actions? Chop them and pick them up.
  • More clay spots, and guaranteed clays at least 1 for each spot. We are building a whole town which requires clays for every single thing.
  • Runes should give more information about the skills and Focus cost.
  • Merchants can access our stashes, don’t need to pick up materials by ourselves.
  • Same items should stack into 1 slot when possible. Maximum stack should be 50 or more. This game requests tons of materials and some are so rare.
  • No limit of inventory slot on a character. It’s not fun to warp back to town very often. This game requires materials for every activity so we need to collect things as many as we can. The Plague Ichor should be used for making us stronger, not for unlocking inventory slots for us to collect things more.
  • The chest shouldn’t have a limit. It’s not fun to have many chests and cupboards lying around the house and we have to open each to find things that we have collected.
  • We shouldn’t be able to perform “Sidle” at doors. It’s frustrating every time I run to my house but I sidle to the door instead.
  • We shouldn’t be ignited when step on a cooking fire pit.
  • The bed should give buff immediately. Why do we have to log out and wait for 4 hours. Please don’t say it’s realistic because the trees growing up 3 meter height in 2 hours is not realistic though.
  • No limit of markings on the map. This game requires many materials so we have to mark locations to gather them fast.
  • Bounty should mark a map and tell exact amount of monsters to kill. And you should put those specific monsters reasonable amount in the map to complete the bounty in 1 run. The quest says there are over population crabs in the castle but all I found are just 3 crabs. I killed them all but the bounty just say “update” and it seems never ending quest.
  • Merchants should have a conversation only once we meet, not every single time over and over.
  • Fallen Embers should have a description like “This is a key to open a very important thing somehow later and you need a lot of these” because many players sold it all their gameplay until the right moment they know that they’re skewed.


  • The hit box of fire bomb is bigger than it visually is.
  • Boss stagger time is so short.
  • Darak should have only 1 HP bar. When we hit him to half bar, he then transforms with the remaining HP. This is just the second boss, 2 phases with 2 HP bars is too difficult for beginners.
  • Sometimes the white fat enemy explodes immediately when I hit it and that explosion blows me to death as well. How could I prevent this when most player’s attack is close range?
  • Enemies with light weapons shouldn’t be able to knock back players with high defense and high poise. It’s ridiculous that a thief with tiny dagger can knock back heavy players holding thick shield.
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