QoL this game needs, because im quiting otherwise

Me experience in the game town has been horrible and frustrating, and it comes down to compounding problems, that make me feel like the game really dosent care about me time.
So gathering resources requires an item, thats fine, but the process of taking down a three takes like 6 swings is way too much, taking down 3 thress can feel like an eternity. kinda anoying but not a deal breaker. At certain point the resources invetory gets full. I get to town invetory complitly full, your town is really unique and beutfiull but is confusing to navigate for the first time. i found the bird place do the cutscene, hey you get a bed and chest. Naturally i dump all the resources in the chest, rookie mistake, i met the upgrades npc, tells me to find him later. hes on the start of town, wich is way too far from the bed and the chest even if you know how to get there, wich again to me is not obvious the town is hard to navigate. Hey do you want to repair the stairs so your bed is easier to acces? sure, i need wood and copper. o sure i have tons of that, no actually you f cking dont is not on your invetory, go walk up the stairs to the top of the town, then down the tower, then back down again to bring me the wood so you dont have to this again later. an upgrade that makes me feel less frustrated to play the game is not an upgrade man. i call it quits for that day, im still pissed off about it.
Here are a cuple of solutions.
1-upgrade screens let you use resources on the chest, dragons dogma 2 lets you do this and is convinient, if i want to sell the resource it has to be on me invetory in dogma, but the inn with me shit is across the blacksmith, not 3 minutes in the otherside of town.
2-if you wont let me use the resources from the screen get me a more easyly accebly chest
3- if the chest cant be move and it has to be on the end of the fucking world, at least make it so the upgrade npc i met for the first time offers the staircase upgrade when you meet in for the first time next to the chest. i would learn 1 that upgrade materials need to be on me invetory to be handed, 2 i would be praticly next to me chest to go get them and 3- would get introduction to the systyem in a way that dosent make me want to close the game.
Tl dr: for convinience sake make it so upgrade materials on chests count in the upgrade screen, your town is too big and too anoying to navigate.


Really wish we had a mini map

Maybe that would help.

I find the town harder to navigate than the sky city at the end of elden ring…


You, my friend, need to romanticize the journey a little bit more. I won’t spoil anything, but the issue you are talking about won’t be an issue for very long if you keep playing.

I am guessing you’ve played the game for 3-5 hours? Play it more and you’ll see that the game gets a lot more accessible. You don’t get to feel like a king in the first 5 min of the first chapter.


After 10+ hours, you’ll know the city inside and out. You don’t need a mini-map; you have an actual MAP. Press the button.


What we need and dont need is none of your concerns. Lets get that right.

Any additional qol suggestions and things added to the game would be a plus for it.

If they ever implant a minimap, am sure there will be an option to turn it Off

There would be a “Turn mini map Off”
button for you to Press

Oh, I think you’re in the wrong place. This is a forum where we discuss exactly that. The developers have invited us to share our POV and give our feedback. So yes, it is my concern—and I am saying a minimap isn’t needed. Of course, it’s OK if you don’t agree.


M8 it 100% is his concern as well if not why should your points be valid? If the devs would follow that mindset they would have not given us a EA version to discuss exactly that


yes your hous should be different instance than city and all structures u set in house (chests) should be counted as 1 storage soo you can craft things without runing from chest to chest just to search (this one) resource you missed

I’m tending to agree with Mohander here. We can disagree of course, but in my experience enjoying the city and discovering it and learning it are very fun, there is also a mini map so I’m not sure why this isn’t a concern. The games art is superb, I’m not getting tired of roaming the streets.

With that said, OP is also correct, the materials in the chest should count as on hand inventory. Resource space should not be tied to ichor, it should be infinite or maxed out at entry. Otherwise taking the time to chop trees and dig holes improves with better tools; it adds a sense of progression. Cutting a tree with an iron axe should be faster than a copper one.


It is tedious and unnecessary (time spent) to run from a chest in my house to the builder, for sure. The idea that “chest should count as on-hand inventory” is an intelligent and convenient modern game design. I am sure we will end up with that since the majority would prefer this and not the old-school way.

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I forgot to touch on the material grind – I agree! Also, I am using a T2 axe and pickaxe, which makes it go faster in the starting zone. I think fast enough, I am sure the devs don’t want us to insta-gather everything and get to build the entire sacrament in a snap of the finger. I will repeat this – romanticize the experience/journey. I do. Enjoy the environment, the fighting, the graphics.

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You telling ppl in this new community to
“Press a button” as if we dont know already when ppl clearly post suggestions here
Is insulting. That my point.

We want this game to have as many good stuff as it can get.

So why you saying that in the first place?

Whats so wrong in ppls opinion to have a mini map in a semi top view game? Or an overlay map for that matter?

Whats so wrong to help as many ppl with any difficulty navigating around this detailed game to constantly see where they go without having to “Press the button” ?

Dont you agree it would be a plus and a good option to have?

Anything that can be added with the option to have it on or off , you shoud agree with if you like the game. So every one would be happy

"Press the button…

come on now… really ?

All he said was that it was not needed since there are already options for easy navigation by simply opening the map or additionally you can even place markes on the map that will show on your hud like a traditional quest marker i think a minimap would take away from the exploration and the visual tourism of the game navigation issue are usually only at the beginning of a game until you get familiar with its layout

I found the town confusing at first but also was rather immersive to read the way signs and find my way by the 3-4th time i went back to town i didn’t need to check the map but already knew where to go by remembering landmarks around the town


Yes, this. Thank you.

Also, I think you said something, a word I couldn’t find: immersion.

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100% agree that the QoL of town is horrendous, even worse than Diablo 4 (which are now pulling stuff closer together)

I wouldn’t mind the town staying (nearly) exactly the same, but please add an extra stash copy next to the marketplace and next to the builder (where all 3 provide access the same deposited items)

Edit: note that I’m not calling the town horrendous. The art is fantastic, the paths are fun to roam around, people have interesting dialogue. But the QoL when you wanna get stuff done is very poor

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Overlaying a mini map ruins that immersion. The signs felt so cool as I made my way through the city.


I agree with the message. Your delivery is a bit heated though.

I agree that a mini-map is not needed for ME. As long as I can turn it off I would rather just use the map provided. Like you it provides enough information for ME.

I think most people are accustomed to having a mini-map so understandably they may ask for one. For me it ruins the immersion I get in this game and would not want it. If I could turn it off, or if it was off by default but could be enabled by those who want it, I could live with it.

Then again I am also the person who the first thing I do when I go to a city is check in, drop my bags and go for a very long walk without any GPS or maps because I like it. I don’t care if others are using GPS or maps.

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you can romanticize whatever you want me “friend”, wasting me time walking back and fort to get items is anoying, i walked into grand soren in dragons dogma 2, 40+ times and it dosent feell anoying, because the town is smartly built where points of interest are close to each other and the game has quality of life stuff like a resources in the chests count in the upgrade screen.
And frankly im not getting anithing of an upgrade that is mostly there to cover and an anoyance, i get that the better shovel is gonna cut the three faster, but the crapiest shovel should not waste me time, it makes playing feel like a chore. Putting the chest in the fardest point of town suckkkkkksssssss, and i get that the first upgrade is the one thats gonna aliviate the problem, but making me do that track dosent make me feel happy about getting the upgrade, it pissses me off is like that in the first place.
I also would like to add, that im not personally asking for a minimap, i know theirs a map, but even whit that in place the town is still anoying to navigate and i feel im wasting me time moving from place to place.

The problem is present even after 16h. It is dev’s choice to place chest there, and it’s a toxic one.

Now hear me out, it’s nice to go around the sity for the first time, using signs and guards points, but placing a chest intentionally this far has no good for player. It’s fine to go to another end of the Shallows to bring an NPC to the town as one thing off, making a greate adventure on the way there. And it’s a completely different story for first chest player gets.

It’s a problem, because it takes time to get to this chest, and it could be romanticize, but there is nothing to be romanticized, player just runs through same streets every time. What makes it even worse, the upgrade of rookery is improving situation just by a tinny bit, may be you noticed, when player first arrives at rookery, there is a sign on the wall, telling you this stairway can be upgraded. I was expecting a door there, since it felt like a right height for a door to square, where builder is, but no, devs decided to put another long staircase. It steel feels like a waste of time.

This is just another design choice to stall the player, there is no reason for upgrades taking 4h, there is no reason for chest being so far, incentivizing town upgrade this way is unnecessary, since you can upgrade vendors this alone is enough to encourage player to upgrade.

Devs take convenience from player and lock it behind a real time upgrades and unlockable inventory space. It doesn’t feel rewarding to upgrade, it is just annoying. Romanticizing bad choices is straight way to loosing players .


Absolutely agree. Only worse thing they could’ve done is make it a microtransaction

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